Dispatches from Brooklyn: Noah Schall: Part One
A conversation with elder cantorial pedagogue Noah Schall unfurls a parade of images and ideas about Jewish liturgical music, stemming from a lifetime immersed in the music.
First Met opera by a Black composer to be simulcast at UCLA
UCLA’s Herb Alpert School of Music Distinguished Professor Terence Blanchard recently became the first Black composer to debut an opera at the Metropolitan Opera in their 138-year history. Students of the GRAMMY-winning, world-renowned jazz trumpeter and educator were invited to a special Los Angeles screening of the opera, Fire Shut Up in My Bones, in
The Kwartin Project: Mayn Lebn, Chapter 7
Zawel Kwartin portrays the musical life of his childhood hometown as having offered a paradigm of Jewish art that shaped his music and later career.
Dispatches from Brooklyn: Heritage, Archives and Spirit Visitation: two old/new artefacts from the musical world of Eléonore Biezunski
With two new-old musical artefacts, musician and archivist Eléonore Biezunski bridges the phenomenon of constructing musical heritage, with its undercurrent of consumerist choice and fantasy fulfilment, to thornier structures of family history and personal experience.
The Kwartin Project: Mayn Lebn, Chapter 6
The story of Zawel Kwartin’s first performance draws surprising connections between anti-Jewish violence, inter-faith cooperation and liturgical music performance.
Dispatches from Brooklyn: Selichos in Borough Park
In the context of prayer leading, a cantor’s vulnerability and the susceptibility of the body to injury can become sources of strength, lending the cantor tools to interpret supplicatory prayer texts.
Music Industry Leaders to Discuss Influence of EDI in Special Edition Event Series
On September 27, The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music returns with LA Sounds Now in a special edition integration with the Still Waiting Speaker Series. This fall, join a provocative set of conversations with music industry professionals, artists and special guests representing the rich diversity of the Los Angeles music ecosystem offering unique perspectives
Dispatches from Brooklyn: Rokhl Kafrissen’s Yiddish Utopia
In a surprising new reworking of a pop song in Yiddish, Rokhl Kafrissen illuminates the losses of memory implicated in Jewish American life and showcases her practices of reclamation centered on the sounds and stories of Yiddish culture.
Global Jazz Studies professor will make history with Metropolitan Opera production
On Monday, September 27, when the curtains rise at The Metropolitan Opera, Terence Blanchard, professor and Kenny Burrell Chair in Global Jazz Studies at the School of Music, will make history as the first Black director to create a mainstage Met production with opera "Fire Shut Up In My Bones."