CLA Director Steve Loza, Professor and Chair, Department of Ethnomusicology
Contact: Martha Rider, or 310-825-4767

The UCLA Center for Latino Arts (CLA) brings together people and ideas focusing on Latino visual and performing arts. Reflecting the rich diversity of Latino/Latin American cultures, the Center develops ties to various peoples, locally, nationally and internationally. Such a global scope enables the dissemination of Latino arts in a much more integrative and meaningful way, and promotes intercultural understanding and positive interchange and learning.

CLA programs include:

  • Arts exhibits
  • Performing arts events
  • Academic and public symposia
  • Educational outreach
  • Research and publications
  • Curricular development

A successor to the previous Los Angeles-based Latino Museum of History, Art and Culture, CLA resources comprise a variety of visual media, sculptures, and a library of books and other literary sources. The members of the CLA Board of Visitors include dynamic, professional leaders, especially those active within the Latino community.