COVID-19 FAQs - General Questions

Due to the fact that certain classes and services will not be offered for fall and potentially for the entire 2020/2021 Academic year, will there be a decrease in tuition as a result?

Social distancing will be in place and masks will be required by all individuals accessing School of Music buildings. These are campus-wide requirements and part of standard operating procedure for the university. Appropriate signage will be in place to remind all visitors to the building of these requirements. Additionally, the school will maintain a low density in its buildings by requiring that all access be pre-scheduled.

UCLA will remain flexible this year for students who choose to stay remote for the entirety of the academic year. We want to promote health and safety and support you should you decide to remain at home or in a residence where you feel safe.

Yes. Housing offers are being issued on a rolling basis. Currently, we’re only allowed to have singles (even in double and triple rooms), so as things improve we will be able to slowly increase our campus density.

Yes, you’ll be able to re-apply moving forward, even if you declined previously. This is a rapidly shifting landscape, and we all understand and are sensitive to that.

Anyone living in university housing will be supplied with a free COVID test upon arrival.

All School of Music announcements will be made on our new COVID Resources website:

We will work closely with the LA County Board of Health to determine the best course of action for opening or closing our facilities.

We do not require additional assistance at this time, however, we will review and revisit our processes if that is no longer true.

School of Music Facilities

Are there updates on if the UCLA Music Library will be opening?

We do not currently have updates on the re-opening of the UCLA Music Library, however, we continue to develop plans for making equipment available to students. The Library also continues to offer a variety of online resources. We will provide additional information in the days and weeks ahead.

Our custodial team has revised their cleaning protocols to prioritize the cleaning of high traffic areas including restrooms, practice spaces and other common areas multiple times per day. Hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the buildings.

If limited access to practice rooms is provided, there will be an allocated number of lockers made available as well. We are currently in the process of developing a user-friendly interface for a new room reservation system and hope to share details soon.

All access to School of Music facilities will need to be approved by the Dean’s Office so that the school maintains compliance with campus-wide safety measures. We’re finalizing the creation of a space schedule for the year and will prioritize the studio space, taking into account visiting artist, faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students.

These will be shared in the future.

We will work closely with the LA County Board of Health to determine the best course of action for opening or closing our facilities.

There will be no on-stage performances with audiences. However, programs such as Jazz and Opera have opted to use virtual software and technology to facilitate performances.

It is required by the LA County Board of Health to set aside 10% of residence hall space to allow for isolation. Anyone diagnosed who requires quarantine will have these spaces available to them, and further guidance from UCLA is forthcoming.

When visitors receive pre-approval to enter School of Music buildings, they will be required to complete a self-monitoring questionnaire prior to entering.  In accordance with UCLA policies, we will require official negative COVID-19 test results for anyone entering our buildings.

Contract tracing is occurring at a university level with teams dedicated to this specific endeavor.

All staff on campus have received specific training on what to expect and how to conduct themselves on campus. All on-campus personnel must take a survey prior to arriving to attest that they are not developing any symptoms. Safety for our whole community is and continues to be a top priority.

The School of Music has a high-grade HVAC system that filters through the air several times an hour (some rooms up to 20 times per hour) to help mitigate potential transfer. We are developing mitigation plans for all of our spaces with the assistance of UCLA’s Environmental Health and Safety team to help promote a safe return.

We have systems in place to reduce unnecessary traffic and density and new room capacity limits for each room have been established. Operations has evaluated school rooms and there will be some spaces that once comfortably held several individuals that will now hold one person.

Yes, we would identify rooms with the highest rates of air changes and develop additional cleaning guidelines for these spaces.

We are currently developing new guidelines for recitals. Stay tuned…

Remote Learning

How have you improved the online learning experience since the emergency transition that took place last spring and how have you created a higher quality remote experience for students?

Our fast transition to remote instruction this Spring was a great learning experience for us.  In preparation for fall, we will be equipping faculty and students with a variety of virtual teaching and learning resources in order to create an improved experience for students. In the next 6-8 weeks, we will have faculty-focused programming to share best practices and ideas for effective remote instruction. (For example, we will discuss how long is too long on Zoom? How do we best engage students?)

We understand that we will not fully replicate in-classroom learning. However, the key is to involve students in this execution. We want to keep the feedback loop open and If students have questions or concerns, we encourage them to visit their professor, advisor or manager. Someone will always be available assist you.

Please visit the School of Music Remote Learning & Technology Resources

We are designing courses using the following three modalities to help us all adjust to shifting circumstances:

  1. Synchronous Online: These types of course offerings require the instructor and all enrolled students to interact online simultaneously.
  2. Online Recorded: These types of course offerings require the instructor and all enrolled students to interact online simultaneously. However, a recording will be available for students who are unable to meet at the same time.
  3. Asynchronous Online: These types of course offerings do not take place in real-time. Students are provided with content and assignments and are given a time frame to complete course work and exams.

Global Jazz will continue to meet virtually. They will use technology that fits within that genre.

Some Ethnomusicology ensembles will occur in a similar online layer recording format as Global Jazz.

Opera will continue in a virtual format.

Marching band will continue in a virtual format.  They will be participating in recordings and in virtual community outreach.

Non-major ensembles will continue to be offered for non-majors (similar to this past spring).

For all other ensembles, we are planning to create a 2-unit special topics courses that will provide a wealth of opportunities for learning, exploration and cross-school collaboration.

Band and orchestra auditions are currently postponed and will begin again once we transition to an in-person learning modality.

The opera program will hold a virtual sing-in.

There are no current plans to have students retake ensembles at this time.

We have been supporting classrooms, lecturers and events by allowing equipment rentals and we will continue to do so in the new academic year. Please be sure to visit and connect with our Remote Learning Technology team at our School of Music Remote Learning & Technology Resources website:

We have been able to purchase 150 new instruments to help assure those in the ethnomusicology ensembles will have a loaner instrument available to you to practice.

We do not have specific instructions for the Gamelan room instruments at this time.

However, for all other instruments, the School of Music will develop a short video by a curator and our instructors to demonstrate the best ways clean instruments with special care. We will additionally share general cleaning guidance online. If necessary, instruments and cleaning kits will be sent to your residence.

Opera workshop operates like an ensemble or large-group class with most voice majors studying together. Instruction includes everyone together, smaller breakouts, coaching, and production-based instruction. The teachers of record for opera workshop are Peter Kazaras and Rakefet Hak.

We will send out a notice as soon as they are finalized. This should take place within the next few weeks.

Global jazz ensembles will still meet in their designated groups (big band, Latin jazz band, combos, etc.)—and they will send out information to their majors about auditions before the end of summer. Global jazz students will be welcome to participate in the two-unit special topics courses as well.

At this time, with LA County Board of Health guidelines, rehearsals and in-person gatherings will not be possible.