Bobby Borg
Lecturer in Music Industry, Music Industry

Bobby Borg, MCM is a former major label, independent, and DIY recording/touring/artist with over 30 years experience working along side the most respected musicians, songwriters, managers, producers, agents, equipment sponsors and A&R executives in the music industry. As a member and founder of several rock and alternative rock bands (some that have achieved multi-platinum selling success), he has toured the world extensively.

As an educator, Borg has served as the Interim Chairman of Music Business at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, California, and as a lecturer of music business at institutions like University of Southern California, University of California Los Angeles and Berklee College of Music. Specializing in taking complex topics and simplifying them in easy-to-understand and practical terms, he was awarded (by students and staff) as “Distinguished Instructor.”

Borg is the author of four widely-read books published by Rowman & Littlefield on the subject of DIY marketing and music business: The Musicians Handbook (2003, 2008), Business Basics For Musicians (2014, 2020), Five Star Music Makeover (2016), Music Marketing For The DIY Musician (2014, 2020), Introduction to Music Publishing For Musicians (2021) and Personal Finance For Musicians (2022). He is also the author of over 1,000 magazine and blog articles for, Hypebot, SonicBids, Music Connection, Disc Makers, and Band Zoogle, and he currently runs his own YouTube channel which provides weekly business, marketing, and communication tips.

As the founder of Bobby Borg Consulting, Borg has also served as the VP of Special Events for the Los Angeles chapter of the American Marketing Association where he created both business-educational and music-entertainment events for major corporations in Los Angeles. He currently coaches independent artists and music business professionals around the globe with the mission of helping them turn their art into a successful business.

A life-long learner, Borg holds a BA in Professional Music (with honors) from Berklee College of Music, certificates in Marketing Management, Project Management, and Instructor Development from UCLA, and a Masters degree in Communications Management (Phi kappa Phi) from the University of Southern California.

Borg lives in Los Angeles. His website is He is very passionate and committed to helping you succeed! Email him at

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