Brandon Mayer
Instructor, Beginning Guitar--Summer Session , Music Performance

Originally from Florida, Brandon Mayer attended UCLA and University of Barcelona, studying music and anthropology. At UCLA he studied classical guitar with Peter Yates and Theodore Norman. As an ensemble and solo artist, Mayer has performed and toured extensively including at LA County Museum of Art, Kennedy Center (DC), Manhattan School of Music, and as artist-in-residence at University of Kansas. Also a composer, he has contributed music for theater and films that have been produced and screened at festivals throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. A prolific singer-songwriter, he has released multiple recordings and collaborations associating with labels such as Pelvic, Village Vert, and Range Life. Currently, Mayer teaches at Bahcesehir University (İstanbul) and UCLA.


Jocelyn Ho
Assistant Professor - Performance Studies
Jamie Chamberlin
Instructor, Begiing Voice--Summer Session C
Cheryl Lin Fielding
Lecturer - Vocal Diction, Vocal Coaching
Lucy Yates
Lecturer - Vocal Diction, Vocal Coaching
Wayne Shorter
Adjunct Professor; Star-Studded Tribute LA Phil (April 2020)
Joshua Ranz
Lecturer - Clarinet Performance
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Lou Anne Neill
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Associate Professor of Saxophone
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Distinguished Professor
Ji Young An
Lecturer - Violin Performance
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Professor - Director of Choral Studies
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Lecturer - Percussion Performance
Paul Floyd
Lecturer - Vocal Coaching
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Lecturer - Oboe Performance
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Professor - Cello Performance and Strings Area Head
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Professor - Viola Performance
James Miller
Lecturer - Trombone Performance; Associate Principal Trombone LA Phil
Terri Richter
Instructor, Beginning Voice--Summer Session A
Chris Hanulik
Adjunct Professor - String Bass Performance; Principal Bass LA Phil
Iris Malkin
Lecturer - Vocal Coaching
Peter Kazaras
Professor - Director of Opera UCLA
Michael Dean
Professor, Voice Performance
James Newton
Distinguished Professor
Boris Allakhverdyan
Lecturer - Clarinet Performance; Principal Clarinet LA Phil
Wendy Caldwell
Lecturer - Vocal Coaching
Karenn Chutjian Presti
Lecturer - Vocal Diction, Vocal Coaching
Rakefet Hak
Lecturer - Music Director of the UCLA Opera Workshop
Emily Kubitskey
Lecturer--Music Education
David Kaplan
Assistant Professor - Piano Performance
Frank Heuser
Professor; Department Vice Chair
Herbie Hancock
Adjunct Professor; LA Phil Guest Artist
Vladimir Chernov
Professor - Voice Performance
Juliana Gondek
Distinguished Professor, Voice Performance
Varty Manouelian
Lecturer - Violin Performance; Violin LA Phil
Aubrey Foard
Lecturer - Tuba Performance
Erin Bouriakov
Lecturer - Flute Performance
Victoria Kirsch
Lecturer - Vocal Coaching
Kay Rhie
Assistant Professor
Kevin McKeown
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Gregory Goodall
Lecturer - Percussion Performance
Meghan Turner
Lecturer, Music Education--Brass Methods
Robert Chafin
Visiting Assistant Professor -- Voice Performance
Christoph Bull
Adjunct Professor - Organ Performance
Denis Bouriakov
Lecturer - Flute Performance; Principal Flute LA Phil
William Kinderman
Professor -- Elaine Krown Klein Chair in Performance Studies
Sanaz Rezai
Instructor, Beginning Keyboard--Summer Session
Inna Faliks
Professor - Head of Piano
John Steinmetz
Lecturer - Bassoon Performance
Travis J. Cross
Chair of Music; Professor
Amy Sanchez
Lecturer - Horn Performance
Katherine Syer
Adjunct Associate Professor
Jens Lindemann
Professor - Trumpet Performance and Brass Area Head
Sumner Arano
Lecturer - Reed Making, Bassoon
Daniel Szabo
Adjunct Associate Professor
Movses Pogossian
Professor, Director of Armenian Music Program
Peter Yates
Adjunct Professor - Guitar Performance

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