Veronica Pacheco
Lecturer, Ethnomusicology

Music of Latin America

Veronica Pacheco specializes in ritual music of the indigenous people in Mexico and the relevance of culture for sustainable development. She has published on the historical narratives and participatory aspects of musical performances. Her interests have led her to conduct research on Bedouin women’s music in Israel, Chilean emigrants in Canada, and Huaves, Nahua and Chontal communities in Mexico. She is an active member of the jaranero community of Southern California.

Indigenous Music in Mexico, Participatory Music, Music and Religion, Ecomusicology, Cultural Sustainability, Colonial Music in the Americas, Amerindian Music Composers.

Ph.D. Ethnomusicology, UCLA; M.A. Music/Ethnomusicology, University of Alberta, Canada; B.A. Musicology, Tel Aviv University, Israel.

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