Junior Recitals
Music major students must complete their junior recital by the end of their third year in consultation with their studio instructor. Transfer students must consult with their studio instructor for junior recital completion date.

Junior Recitals should be no less than 20 minutes and no more than 25 minutes of music per performer, including breaks between numbers. Two such recitals must be combined to present one full recital.

Senior Recitals
Music major students must complete a senior recital by the end of their fourth year. Ethnomusicology Jazz Studies students must enroll in Ethnomusicology 186 (2 units) during their last quarter at UCLA and complete a recital as their final.

Senior Recitals should contain a maximum of 50 minutes of music and be no longer than one hour including intermission and breaks between numbers.

All eligible Juniors and Seniors should make their own reservations for Popper Theater, Ostin Rehearsal Room, or an ensemble room through the online reservation system.

1.       Thoroughly review the Student Recital Information Sheet created by the Technical Services Office. 

2.       Check Popper availability here (click on Class Schedule and log in as “guest”).

3.       Send your dates to your instructor and have them approved (requested dates must be approved by faculty member BEFORE making an online reservation). Then, make a reservation according to instructions on the Student Recital Information Sheet

4.       Receive confirmation email from Technical Services Office.

If not otherwise scheduled, the Green Room, 1230 Schoenberg Music Building, is available for receptions following graduate and senior recitals. The university does not provide space for receptions following junior recitals. Only seniors may schedule use of the Green Room through the Technical Services Office. Contact Technical Services office, room 1309, for details. Receptions are optional.

Recital Clearance for Degree Completion
Once students have completed their recitals, they must submit an Undergraduate Recital Completion Form (below) with a copy of their program and their instructor’s signature. Hard copies can be found in SMB 1642.

Students must submit a completed Recital Completion Form in order to be cleared from their recital requirements.

Relevant Forms

·       Recital Completion Form