Ciro Zoppo
Research Fellowship

Bringing Lesser-known
Composers to Light

The Ciro Zoppo Research Fellowship, generously funded by Ms. Rosemary Zoppo, encourages the study and performance of the works of lesser-known composers with a $3,000 prize for a graduate student in Musicology. Students share their research in the form of a performance/lecture recital. Past winners and the associated concerts are as follows:

Paschal de L’Estocart and Musical Print Culture during the French Wars of Religion
Zoppo Fellow: Melinda La Tour O’Brien
May 31, 2013
Powell Library Rotunda
with the Early Music Ensemble

Mendelssohn’s “Jewish” Legacy? The Organ works of Louis Lwandowski and Beyond
Zoppo Fellow: Julius Reder Carlson
May 27, 2010
Organ Studio 1655A, Schoenberg Music Building
with Christoph Bull and Ryan Rowen

In Search of Madame Favart’s “Voice”: A musical biography
Zoppo Fellow: Marcie Lynn Ray
June 4, 2009
Royce Hall, Room 314

The Accompanied Sonata and the Female Amateur in Eighteenth-Century France
Zoppo Fellow: Sara Gross
June 3, 2008
Royce Hall, Room 314
with Samuel Baltimore, Lindsay Johnson, Raymond Knapp

Keyboard Works from the Musical Notebooks of Jane Austen
Zoppo Fellow: Elizabeth Morgan
November 30, 2007
Powell Library Rotunda
with Mitchell Morris

Farewell to Weimar: Friedrich Hollaender’s Last Cabaret-Revues Before Exile
Zoppo Fellow: Stephan Pennington
June 7, 2007
Royce Hall, Room 314
with Hyun Chang, Kelsey Cowger, Peter Lawson, Mitchell Morris, Gray Raulerson, Marcie Ray, Holley Replogle

Divine Love: Music from a Seventeenth Century Convent (The work of Chiara Margarita Cozzolani
Zoppo Fellow: Kate Bartel
May 2, 2003
Powell Library Rotunda
with Olivia Mather, Caroline O’Meara, Erica Scheinberg, Jacqueline Warwick, Cecilia Sun, and Nina Treadwell

Masques & Monody: Nicholas Lanier and the Italian Style
Zoppo Fellow: Gordon Haramaki
May 10, 2002
Powell Library Rotunda
with Jonathan Greenberg, Sara Gross, Elisabeth Le Guin, Erik Leidal, Louis Niebur, Caroline O’Meara, Erica Scheinberg