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Office of Student Affairs
UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music
445 Charles E Young Drive E
Schoenberg Music Building
1642 Los Angeles, CA 90095-1616
Phone: 310-267-5536

Help us help you. Learn about your requirements and responsibilities as a student in this community. Come talk to us. Let us know how you’re doing and how we can help you accomplish your goals. As you journey through your major, take a moment to review the resources we’ve compiled to help you navigate undergraduate studies. Information on these pages includes academic check sheets, enrollment deadlines and petitions, processes and procedures, and recitals. Should you have questions, please contact your Academic Advisor in the Office of Student Affairs. The Herb Alpert School of Music offers five majors in undergraduate study: Bachelor of Arts degrees in Ethnomusicology, Global Jazz Studies, Music, Music Education, and Musicology. The School also offers two minors: Musicology and Music Industry, Science, and Technology.

For further information, please review the Undergraduate Student Guidebook.

Meet Your Academic Advisors. We’re Here to Help!

Allison Taka
Director of Student Affairs
Emily Spitz
Associate Director of Admissions