UCLA Summer
World Music Intensive Online

UCLA Summer Ethnomusicology Intensive

Musical Cultures
From Around The World

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Martin Hundley, Community Engagement Programs Manager

Students will learn about music and its cultural context from cultures around the world, investigating music cultures from Java, Bali, Thailand, China, Africa, Mexico, Armenia and Hawaii, as well as special topics including soundscapes and animal sounds, intangible cultural heritage and transnational composition.

Online class sessions will include real-time lectures, audio-visual examples, hands-on workshops in music-making and dance, and breakout group activities. This geographically-based survey will incorporate looks at traditional and popular musics, musical instrument design and musical notations. Interactive workshops will include singing songs in multiple languages, traditional dances and mini-research projects using online resources. Group activities will include exploration through listening as well as introductory experiences in ethnography, musical fieldwork and oral histories.

The class will be enlivened by multiple guest presentations from practicing ethnomusicologists. Come join us to expand your horizon of unfamiliar musical cultures from around the world and learn how to appreciate more performing arts.

Daily Schedule

* daily class schedule is subject to change, all time are Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Day 1
Introduction to World Music
Music and Dance in Hawaii

Day 2
World Music and the Notion of Intangible Cultural Heritage
Music and Dance in Africa

Day 3
Music and Dance in Asia and Australia
Music and Dance in Indonesia, and gamelan in the U.S.

Day 4
Music and Ritual in Mainland Southeast Asia
Music and Dance in Thailand

Day 5
Music and Dance in Armenia
Mariachi in Mexico and the U.S.

Day 6
Music in China and Japan
Transnational Composition and World Music