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Application Requirements

UCLA Philharmonia on Schoenberg Hall Stage


UCLA Admissions Requirements:
First Year Applicants
Junior Transfer Applicants
International Applicants


Undergraduate Admissions – Music
2520 Schoenberg Music Building
445 Charles E Young Drive East
Los Angeles, CA 90095


STEP 1: UC Application

Undergraduate first year and junior transfer applicants begin the admissions process by completing the UC Application, which opens on August 1 and can be submitted from November 1 to November 30.

Only applicants who have indicated Music Performance as their first choice major for UCLA on the UC Application will be considered for admission to the major. UCLA does not consider alternate majors, nor are you allowed to enter as a double major student.

In order to be eligible for admission, applicants must meet all minimum academic eligibility requirements for admission to the University of California. You can find resources on the left hand side of this page for students of first year, transfer, or international status.

STEP 2: School of Music Supplemental Application

In addition to the UC application, applicants the School of Music are also required to submit the school’s supplemental application, which is housed on the Acceptd platform. When applying to the Music Performance major, applicants must also select a primary instrument (see below for the full list of instruments). Applicants audition on their primary instrument as part of the application process, and Music Performance majors receive individual instruction in their primary instrument and participate in ensembles with their primary instrument. The supplemental application includes the following components:

  • Personal statement responses
  • Unofficial transcript(s)
  • 2 teacher references (preferably from an ensemble instructor or private teacher)
  • Prescreening videos (all instruments except for Bassoon, Guitar, Harp, Oboe, Organ, and Percussion)
  • Performance resume (optional)

The submission deadline for the Supplemental Application is Friday, December 4, 2020 at 11:59pm PST. Detailed supplemental application information can be found on the Acceptd website.

See the links at the bottom of this page for prescreening and live audition repertoire requirements.

STEP 3: Auditions

If applicants successfully pass prescreening, they are invited to audition for our studio faculty. You will be notified of whether or not you will proceed in our admissions process in early January. If you are not chosen to proceed in our final round audition/interview process, you will have three options: 1) request that UCLA change your first choice major; 2) withdraw your application completely; or 3) take no action and receive no offer of admission from UCLA. Auditions/interviews occur in late January and early February.

Change of Major Application for Current UCLA Students

The Department of Music only accepts applications from current UCLA students hoping to change into a School of Music major once per year, during Fall quarter. UCLA students cannot change majors to or add a double major in Music Performance at any other time or by any other process other than the annual admissions cycle. Admission is contingent not only on completing the same application and audition process outlined for all first year or transfer applicants to the School of Music, but also by demonstrating that the degree can be completed within normative time.

Current UCLA students applying for a change of major to the Department of Music must meet with departmental advisor Allison Taka by Friday, November 20, 2020. Students must bring a completed program change petition and 4-year degree plan to the appointment.

All change of major students are required to submit the supplemental application via Acceptd and pay the $85.00 submission fee. Current students need not reapply via the UC application, as they are already UCLA students.