Jake Heggie '84, M.A. '05
Jake Heggie is an American composer of opera, vocal, orchestral and chamber music. He is best known for his operas and art songs, as well as for his collaborations with internationally renowned performers and writers.
Kalil Wilson `06
Kalil Wilson is a vocalist whose style crosses genres of jazz, R&B, pop, and even classical. He entered UCLA in the vocal and opera program before discovering his love of jazz.
Cristina Magaldi Ph.D. ’94
Cristina Magaldi is a musicologist who specializes in the music of Latin America, Brazilian music, music and globalization, music and nationalism, popular music, and music and gender.
Martha Gonzalez ’99
Martha Gonzalez is a Chicana artivista (artist/activist) musician, feminist music theorist and Associate Professor in the Intercollegiate Department of Chicana/o Latina/o Studies at Scripps/Claremont College. A Fulbright (2007-2008), Ford (2012-2013) and Woodrow Wilson Fellow (206-2017), her academic interests have been fueled by her own musicianship as a singer/songwriter and percussionist for Grammy Award (2013) winning band Quetzal.
Conversations: The Malavskys, a family portrait
A hair-raising gender riot in a synagogue in Brooklyn helped drive the Malavsky’s out of the pulpit and onto the borscht belt circuit, creating new opportunities for female leadership in prayer and new settings for ritual in the late 1940s.
Conversations: Dispatches from Brooklyn
Working with elder Chassidic women, musician and activist Ira Temple encountered transcendent possibilities and complicating limitations in attempting to construct a community centered on female musical desires and homosocial flourishing.
Conversations: The Kwartin Project
In the narration of his life story, Kwartin presents a serious childhood illness as an emotional pedagogy that trained him to communicate the traumas of the Jewish community.
An Introduction to "Conversations: Words and Music from the American Jewish Experience"
Conversations aims to open a dialogue about the persistence of memory and change in Jewish music and the use of the sounds of the past to address keenly felt needs in the present.