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Feb 9 2024

Diversity in Unity (The Resonance of Iranian Art and Music)


Join Shahab Paranj, Alireza Mohazab and Reza Vali for a discussion of Iranian art and music.

Iran, a historically diverse nation shaped by various groups and backgrounds, has always been a place where one can seek shared characteristics that bind its people together. Music and its associated elements stand out as one of these factors that organically nurture this connection. In cultural Iran, where the borders transcend today's geographical confines, it is fascinating to unearth how music, devoid of political influence, has woven connections over thousands of years, persisting even in the modern world.

In this discussion, we discuss how the cultural diversity in Iran silently and overtly fosters a strong sense of unity among its people.

This program is made possible thanks to generous funding from Farhang Foundation.

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