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Memories Deepen, a Fall Holiday Event

The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music presents an evening of evocative music from the UCLA Choral Studies Program. Please welcome to the stage the UCLA Chorale and the UCLA Chamber Singers.


James K. Bass, Director of Choral Studies

Joung-A Yum, DMA, Conducting Candidate

Troy Robertson, DMA, Conducting Candidate

James Lent, accompanist


UCLA Chorale

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The UCLA Chorale, a 110 voiced mixed-choir, is open to all students at UCLA. Each year the Chorale sings in a variety of languages and in a full range of styles. The rehearsal process for this ensemble develops general musicianship and provides training in choral singing while achieving high standards as a performing group. The group routinely combines with the Chamber Singers to present choral-orchestral works with UCLA Philharmonia in the historic venue, Royce Hall.

The UCLA Chorale Studies Program proudly presents its 2022-23 Chorale Roster:


Soprano 1

*Caroline Sierk

Justeen Marcelo

Miki Matsuoka

Charlotte Kelly

Milla Moretti

Hailey Somphone

Hannah Hunter

Lily Callogle


Soprano 2

*Ari Nikbakht

Zue Lai

Aki Hasegawa-Johnson

Neome Astudillo

Jakie Chen

Katherine Jaramillo

Rubi Choi

Imani Brutlag

Valerie So

Sophia Buraglio

Chloe Kim

Sophia Bosque

Xinguo Fang

Danielle Groode

Tina Su

Ereni Delis

Lissett Vega

Maya Romo

Joanne Sarsam


Alto 1

*Lisette Choo

Nakhaei Noor

Rachel Hahn

Mika King

Yeonwoo Chu

Shelby Westbrook

Danielle Morales

Grace Chen

Sydney Reimer

Kaylan So

Charlotte Levittan

Liu Zichen

Eleanor Muhawi

Caitlyn Fick

*Stephanie Zager

Erynn-Marie Phan

Stella Yuan

Maria Garcia


Alto 2

Shi Yutong

Vivian Sun

Ashley Feng

Shauna Wegher

Emma Yim

Justina Martelli

Reina Kim

Malia Shitabata

Nicole Guan

Camryn Deisman

Sydney Marable

Joung-A Yum



*Timothy Chang

Srinath Saikrishnan

Yuki Miyamoto

Kevin Tran

Frankenfeld William

Josh Balancio

Ahmed Ali

Sean Kawanami

Evan Bird

Ningweizhi Ge

Jack Pawlakos

Vikram Seenivasan

Otto Zimmerman



*Nick Boschert

Alexander Zhong

Anthony Gonzalez

Daniel Zhou

John Hicks (J.P)

Joseph Huang

Tyler Maher

Joshua Kwon

Warren Wu

Lukasz Yoder

Thomas Underwood

Angel Mendez

Allen Cheung

Jordan Cain

Anthony Zhu

Colson Kishimoto

Jonathan Wu

Troy Robertson

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UCLA Chamber Singers

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The UCLA Chamber Singers, a 32-40 voiced mixed-choir, represents the highest level of ensemble singing. The ensemble has been conducted by choral luminaries including Roger Wagner, Donn Weiss, Donald Neuen and now Dr. James K. Bass. At UCLA, the choir routinely presents performances representing the entire spectrum of choral literature on campus and in the community. The choir annually performs with UCLA Philharmonia in presentations of major choral orchestral works in the historic on-campus venue Royce Hall. The ensemble has collaborated with other nationally recognized arts groups, including the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, Minneapolis Guitar Quartet, Seraphic Fire, and the touring production of Distant Worlds, the music of Final Fantasy. Additionally, Chamber Singers often participate in the performing and recording premieres of new works such as Richard Danielpour’s The Passion of Yeshua, recorded by Naxos Records.

The UCLA Chorale Studies Program proudly presents its 2022-23 Chamber Singers Roster:


Soprano 1

Jessica Carlson

London Hibbs

Josie Rose

Elena Flauto

Krystal Mao

Mia Ruhman

Madison Chamberlain


Soprano 2

Hannah Verduzco

Madeline Reynolds

Elisabeth Fortescue

Madison Prince

Katya Lynch

Abigail Hernandez


Alto 1

Ana Martinez

Tivoli Treloar

Phaedra Panagiotidis

Leda Knowles

Lilia Salido-Rico

Celina Kintscher

Lena Marandi

Olivia Salazar


Alto 2

Priscilla Yang

Erica Wessman

Sydney Wang

Carmen Voskuhl

Lindsey Mardona

Joung-A Yum


Tenor 1

Max Ary

Kevin Corrigan

Daniel Babcock

Sam Song


Tenor 2

Benicio Colona de Flores

Yoosung Lee

Kendall Renaud

Raj Hamlai



Joshua Valdes

Yoni Fogelman

Diego Dela Cruz

Leland Smith

Anthony Gonzales

Troy Robertson

Andrew Pringle

Nivram Castro

Ian Shipper


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Combined Choirs


O Come, All Ye Faithful, arr. David Willcocks




Sorida (A Zimbabwe Greeting), Rosephanye Powell

Joung-A Yum, conductor

Percussion ensemble: Sean Kawanami, Jonathan Wu, Angel Mendez, Erynn-Marie Phan

Vocal ensemble: Caroline Sierk, Milla Moretti, Ari Nikbakht, Joanne Sarsam, Sophia Bosque, Imani Brutlag, Stephanie Zager, Timothy Chang, Jason Ningweizhi, Nick Boschert, Anthony Zhu


Chamber Singers


Ubi Caritas, arr. Maurice Durufle

Troy Roberston, conductor


Pange Lingua, arr. Tomas Luis de Victoria


Tu Voz, Shawn L. Kirchner


Jeruslalem of Gold, arr. Gil Aldema

Troy Roberston, conductor


Yo, M’enamori D’un Aire,arr. Wayland Rogers

Joung-A Yum, conductor

Baritone Solo – Leland Smith

Soprano Solo – Abigail Hernandez


little tree, Eric Whitacre

Joung-A Yum, conductor

Soprano solo – Krystal Mao




Festival Introit, Greg Knauf


Ose Shalom (The One Who Makes Peace), John Leavitt


Shall We Gather At The River, Daniel J. Hall

Troy Roberston, conductor


Personent Hodie, Lara Hoggard


Combined Choirs


Hine Ma Tov, arr. Neil Ginsberg


Flute solo – Leda Knowles


Deep Peace, Greg Knauf

Donor Acknowledgement

This event is made possible by a generous gift from Judith Smith, as well as the David and Irmgard Dobrow Fund. Classical music was a passion of the Dobrows, who established a generous endowment at The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music to make programs like this possible. We are proud to celebrate this program as part of the 2022–23 Dobrow Series.