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Oct 18 2018

UCLA BruinTech

Eventbrite Invitation: AI and Careers

Join us for our UCLA BruinTech Lunchtime Session: "How are Careers Changing and How AI and Search are Changing the World."

Thursday, October 18, 12:00-1:00 pm
Young Research Library, West Electronic Classroom

Free -- Register on Eventbrite Here


Summary:  Abundant forecasts predict large shifts in both the nature and availability of whole categories of jobs in the next 10-20 years based on anything from AI and Machine Learning to autonomous cars to robots. Many types of jobs, including those that have repeated activities or driving, may be taken over by connected machines. What skills, perspectives, tools, and super powers will our students need to thrive in a changing job world? In this lunchtime session, we’ll look at what we do know about the environments our students may be working in, what they may need to know, and how they can build skills to thrive in this changing system.

How can we, UCLA, think about what skills and super powers our students really need to have to thrive in a changing job world? Will they need to find whole new ways to build companies, market themselves, work within organizations, and understand a changing world in ways that we are not yet prepared to help them in a transforming work economy? How can we step further into this question as a university, not aiming for the work world of “now” but of the possible work worlds of the future?