March SXSW 2020 Austin Adventures

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SXSW 2020 Sessions

Are you going to SXSW this March?

We are looking forward to a great two weeks in Austin, TX, for the South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival and Conference.  Will you be there?  SXSWedu starts things off March 9-12, and then SXSW Interactive and Music pick up the baton March 13 – 22.

Join us at one of the many panels and sessions that Innovating Music @UCLAAlpert will be part of.  We will update this list with additional events.  Check out suggested sessions near the bottom of this list.

Adjacent to SXSW

EU@SXSW–  The European Union US Delegation launched “EU@SXSW” in 2017 – the go-to place for a European perspective on cutting-edge technologies, creative thinking, and innovation.This is free of charge and is NOT an official SXSW event.  Sessions are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

March 14-16, 11 am to 9 pm+, Maggie Mae’s, 323 E. 6th St., Austin, TX

  • We are moderating: Future Music Cities: Breaking Down Barriers to Social Cohesion – more TBD – March 16, 2-3 pm

AT SXSW — Be sure to Star the sessions to add them to your Favorites

These are official SXSW events and require conference registration. Sessions are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Music Workforce Development: Hiring Post-College

March 12th, 3:30-4:30 pm | Location: Austin Convention Center, Room 18CD

Music Workforce Development is an important yet undiscussed topic. The relationship between employers and educators is crucial. Better-educated students lead to more qualified applicants entering the workforce, easing the burden and cost of hiring new employees. Local economies depend on these new jobs to create revenue, attract talent, and investment. Join our panel to learn how experts in education, economic development, and top employers are creating solutions, value, and more jobs.

Navigating Today’s Music Companies & Artist Choice

March 18th, 12:30-1:30 pm | Location: Austin Convention Center, Room 11AB

In the past, the recorded music industry had neatly defined functional silos – labels, publishers, PROs, distributors, artist management – while artists signed traditional deals with labels and publishers. Now, we are seeing fundamental shifts in industry roles, who does what for whom, and evolving power structures. Publishers are buying master recordings, rightsholders are investing in distribution and technology, management companies are acquiring labels and publishers, and artists are retaining their IP rights. Why is this happening and what are the implications for the industry and for artists? Join a panel of experts to understand the blurring lines of today’s industry, how to get the most out of your intellectual property, and to choose your partners wisely.

Futures and Challenges: Music Cities & Scenes

March 19th, 5:00-6:00 pm | Location: Austin Convention Center, Room 12AB

  • Gigi Louisa Johnson, Innovating Music@UCLA Alpert, Music Industry Faculty
  • Storm Gloor, Associate Professor, Univ. of Colorado, Denver

SXSW has showcased innovative Music Cities and their leaders for years now. Many cities have stepped into new organizing models for local change — and these have both worked and stumbled. We will discuss with the audience the impacts of these movements in both big cities and small scenes. We will share examples of best practices and big changes vs. policy recommendations, including Night Mayor implementations and ways small cities are organizing around their live music scenes. The session will prompt the audience to think about their own work and communities with examples of how venues and organizations are programming, co-creating, organizing, and educating artists for a great, healthy local music scene.

Other interesting sessions