Mariachi de Uclatlán Visits Japan

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On May 14, 2024, Mariachi de Uclatlán arrived at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo. Under the direction of Jesús Guzmán and in the company of the famed Mariachi Los Camperos, the group arrived for a week of performances and sightseeing.

Chuo University Hachioji Campus

After arrival, the first stop on the iternary was Chuo University. Professor Steve Loza delivered a lecture on Mexican musical traditions. The mariachi of Uclatlán and Los Camperos also conducted a workshop for students at the university.

Following the workshops, the mariachi ensembles hosted an outdoor, lunchtime concert.

Waseda University

Day 3 took the mariachi ensembles to Waseda University in Shinjuku City, Tokyo.

Romantíco Mame Club

Tokyo’s nightlife is legendary. Uclatlán made a stop at Romantíco Mame, a Latin night club, to perform a set.

Kanda University of International Studies, Chiba Makuhari Campus, Millennium Hall

Day 4 found the mariachi ensembles at Kanda University of International Studies. They put on an outdoor concert replete with dancing by an enthusiastic crowd.

Takushoku University Myogadani Campus

Day 5 brought the ensembles to Takushoku University Myogadani Campus for a performance at Goto Shinpei Memorial Hall. While not the last stop on the tour (the ensembles would take in a day of sightseeing and have one final performance at Meiji University Surugadai Campus), it was a memorable performance, not least because Professor Steve Loza donated his traje de charro to the host emcee.