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Vickie Nauman and Andrea Young joined us to talk about Music 3.0.  Vickie had written an article for Rethink Music, a blog by the Berklee College of Music, about Music 3.0.  Music 1.0 in this discussion was music sold as physical goods and Music 2.0 was the world of digital music.  Vickie spoke about how the Music 2.0 world “bent” the existing ecosystems and infrastructures, trying to make them work for a downloading and early streaming world.  Music 3.0 is needing new pipes and systems, and is not just direct-to-fan options. It is rebuilding assumptions on how we market, finance, and create music.   New investment models have sprung up, many of which depend on the vast data now available about music use. The “containers” of the size and shape of songs both are changed to fit things like how Spotify measures a song played, and can go away with new modes of distribution.  We talked about the effect of the streaming 1% concentration of business and how to make a living down the “long tail.” Andrea talked about this impact on artists, and how different artists will need different types of services, depending on where they are on their growth and development.  Passion, data, and connections are all blend into parts of this Music 3.0 world, and people are moving between music and tech to make this happen.


Guests: Vickie Nauman, Founder/Owner, CrossBorderWorks; Andrea Young, Co-Founder, Partner and Chief Playlisting Officer, Koral Young

Vickie Nauman specializes in digital media and content strategy, the intersection of technology and music, and international business development. She founded the boutique consulting and advisory firm CrossBorderWorks in 2004 and is currently advising and consulting full time with a mix of forward-thinking companies in consumer electronics and music. A digital music pioneer, Nauman worked on licensing and product for one of the first legal digital services MusicNet (RealNetworks JV) in 2001, led strategic partnerships for connected device manufacturer Sonos (leading wireless music system), started and ran the US business for global music platform 7digital, and did digital business in Europe and China as a consultant. In addition, she built one of the first DMCA-compliant services at taste-making station KEXP in Seattle. Prior to 2001, she ran marketing programs and produced live broadcasts in traditional radio in the NPR network and started out at Procter & Gamble.  Nauman has a broad network and experience in Europe, China, and US, and earned a 2006 MBA through the London School of Economics, NYU-Stern, and HEC-Paris, in the executive program TRIUM. She is currently on the board of the Future of Music Coalition and is an advisor to SXSW Music Panels.

Andrea is an entrepreneur with extensive experience and expertise running projects and companies from startups to established brands.  As a management executive she has worked for a major label and distribution company on campaigns for Tom Petty, Spyro Gyra, Chaka Khan, Elvis Costello and hundreds of lesser known artists; co-owned a music retail chain of 15 stores; co-founded the company that computerized over 2000 retail and wholesale music industry stores and warehouses; was part of the group that created SoundScan; ran and chaired Aspen Colorado’s public radio station (APR), and continues to produce and host weekly radio news and music shows on APR.   Recently she has focused her energies on music curation services, playlists, and working with emerging and established artists through label services offered at Koral Young.


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