Con Anima Recording Mansurian
ECM Records | November 6, 2020
ECM Records | November 6, 2020
Con Anima, Tigran Mansurian

Conceived jointly by violinist Movses Pogossian and violist Kim Kashkashian on the occasion of Tigran Mansurian’s 80th birthday, the Con anima project brings together a dedicated cast of players to perform the Armenian composer’s chamber music. The emphasis is on newer pieces – only the Third String Quartet dates from the 20th century – but there is a timeless quality to Mansurian’s work, all of which resounds with the spirit of his homeland. “His works are full of signifiers that come from Armenian ornaments, paintings or stones, “ writes Elena Dubinets in the CD notes. “His music itself feels as if it was carved out of stone.” Sonata da Chiesa is dedicated to the memory of priest-composer-folklorist Komitas, an enduring inspiration for Mansurian. Agnus Dei is influenced by Armenian sacred music, and Die Tänzerin is based upon an Armenian folk dance.

Other featured artists include Varty Manouelian (violin), Boris Allakhverdyan (clarinet), Michael Kaufman (violoncello), Steven Vanhauwaert (piano), Tatevik Mokatsian (piano), Teng Li (viola), and Karen Ouzounian (violoncello). 

Con Anima is available on Amazon and Apple Music.  

The Call Within, Tigran Hamasyan

Critical praise of The Call Within:

Jazz Times

“‘Old Maps,’ featuring the Varduhi Art School Children’s Choir, is appropriately divine in nature, a mélange of pacifying notes and voices floating just out of reach.”

Jazz Trail

“His creative perspective is deeply informed by the culture of his native Armenia and the ten originals on his fourth Nonesuch release use music (especially the drum) differently than most.”

Learn More about 'The Call Within'
Learn More about 'The Call Within'
Learn More about 'The Call Within'
Nocturnes / Invocation, Ian Krouse

Critical praise of Nocturnes / Invocation:


“This is one of the most gratifying discs of new music that I have come across in a long time. Krouse is enough in tune with tradition… At the same time, his voice is distinctive and fresh—he does not sound like anyone else. The recorded sound is well balanced and natural, and the composer’s notes are very helpful.”

David’s Review Corner

“For those seeking new music linking with the tonality of the 20th century, the composer, Ian Krouse, will prove very appealing with Nocturnes and Invocation.”

Learn more about "Nocturnes / Invocation"
Learn more about "Nocturnes / Invocation"
Learn more about "Nocturnes / Invocation"
Armenian Requiem, Ian Krouse

Critical praise of Armenian Requiem:


“Ian Krouse’s powerful Armenian Requiem, commissioned by Vatsche Barsoumian’s Lark Music Society, draws on traditional liturgical chant and poetry to make a powerful case for redemption through music.”

Massis Post

“Celebrated Composer Ian Krouse Dedicates his Latest Work to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide”

Ignatius Press

“Krouse seems to have picked up the violin where Samuel Barber set it down. His . . . is passionate music in which the thirst for beauty is intense.”

GIA Publications

“Krouse’s music hearkens to a distant and a recent past from the Old World and New World, respectively, melding music of the vernacular and cultivated traditions. [His] idealization of the life and death experience is the epitome of a “totalistic” approach to composition; it bespeaks the essence of humanity.”

Learn more about "Armenian Requiem"
Learn more about "Armenian Requiem"
Learn more about "Armenian Requiem"