Stories of Music - FAQ's

I did receive a confirmation email after signing up to receive a Stories of Music lesson, but did not receive the lesson materials. Why not?

Please check the various folders in your inbox, such as the ‘Promotions’ file found in Gmail, or your spam folder. If you don’t find the email to download the materials there, please email us at to let us know.

I subscribed to Stories of Music and downloaded Lesson 1. When I attempted to register to receive additional lessons, I received an error message saying that I was already in the system. How do I sign up to receive new lessons?

Please go back to the ‘Click here to download this lesson’ button for the lesson you’re interested in receiving. You’ll see the sign up form again. Please fill it out once more and submit it. When you receive the error message again, look at the message in red font under the box to enter your email address. You’ll see text in bold saying ‘CLICK HERE TO RECEIVE NEW/ADDITIONAL LESSONS’. When you click the link, you’ll be able to indicate which lessons you would like sent to you.

I don’t have Adobe Acrobat. How will I be able to open and use the materials from Stories of Music?

If you don’t already have a program to read pdf’s on your computer, download adobe reader now.

I’ve never used Adobe Acrobat to display a PDF deck as a presentation. How does it work?

Check out information here:

How will the multimedia presentation work?

You will note that some of the slides in the presentation have audio icons in the top right hand corner. These are the slides to use to share the music clips referenced in the lesson plan. By clicking on the audio icons, you will open the links to the audio or video clips which reside in the Stories of Music’s YouTube channel. Once you are done with the audio/video, press the Esc key to return to the presentation.

How do I advance forward and backward in the presentation?

Please use the arrow keys. The arrow to the right will advance the presentation. The arrow to the left will return to a former slide.

How do I exit the presentation?

Please use the escape key (Esc) on your keyboard.

Who do I contact with questions?

Please send your email with questions here.