UCLA Chamber Singers Release New Holiday Single

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Just in time for the holidays, the UCLA Chamber Singers have released “The Everlasting Flame,” composed by undergraduate composer Yoni Fogelman and conducted by doctoral student Troy Robertson. The piece features Alaina Stark on the harp.

“‘The Everlasting Flame’ is a musical setting of the two prayers that Jews recite while lighting the Chanukah candles,” said Fogelman. “This is a very ancient tradition, one that has been carried on for thousands of years and one that has become a symbol of Jewish perseverance, even in the darkest of times.”

Fogelman’s music sets soaring vocals against an ethereal harp line. It evokes the sublime while remaining remarkably grounded, owing no small debt to the sensitive direction of Tony Robertson. Fogelman chose to score it for choir because, he said, the human voice shares the same characteristics of the sacred flames. Both seem fueled by divine power, and bring beauty to the world.

“I’m thankful to study music in an environment that encourages student creativity,” said Fogelman. “This is why I came to UCLA, for opportunities like this.”

Stream “The Everlasting Flame” now. Watch the official video on youtube.