The school of music offers Ph.D.’s in three subject areas: composition, ethnomusicology, and musicology. For each program, students are required to do original research and file a dissertation. Below, dissertation titles are listed, beginning in 2007, for our musicology and ethnomusicology programs, and you can also meet our current musicology students and learn more about their research. Composition is coming soon!

Notable Research & Publications
Research and Scholarly Events Advance Knowledge of Field of American Jewish Music
During the summer of 2018, two graduate student researchers were kept busy by the Lowell Milken Fund for American Jewish Music. One researched composers and their interrelationships across generations. The other focused exclusively on one composer, Max Helfman. 
Musicologist Jessica Holmes explores connection between Beethoven’s deafness and Ninth Symphony
INTERVIEW: “Musicology has tended to undervalue the role of the body in the performance of western art music,” said postdoctoral musicology scholar Jessica Holmes in Artsfile.
Grab a front-row seat at L.A.'s hottest jazz clubs of the '60s and '70s
If you’re a lover of jazz and are curious about the west coast jazz scene that once dominated some of L.A.’s most famous nightclubs in the 1960s and 70s, then