Jazz Combos

Course Info: ETHNMUS 177

Combo I (vocal)
Director: Michele Weir

Combo IV (instrumental)
Director: Charles Owens

Combo V (instrumental)
Director: Clayton Cameron

Combo VI (instrumental)
Director: Roberto Miranda

Combo VII (instrumental)
Director: Charley Harrison

Combo VIII (instrumental; Winter 2019 only)
Director: Jesus Guzman

Jazz Combo classes are designed for students in the Global Jazz Studies IDP. These courses help to fulfill the global jazz studies degree requirements and are designed to train the students to become professional jazz musicians.

Occasionally there are openings in a jazz combo for advanced-level UCLA student musicians who play instruments that are not covered by jazz studies students. There is an audition in the fall.

The Jazz combos are smaller jazz groups [small instrumental and/or vocal ensembles of 3-7 members each.] Jazz combos allow student musicians the opportunity to explore jazz composition, arranging, and improvisation in a more creative and interactive way than what is possible in larger ensembles. With three to seven musicians, Each combo may perform jazz standards, original student compositions or arrangements, contemporary jazz or world jazz music depending on the experience level of the players/singers, their interests, and the suggestions of their combo director.