The Kwartin Project: Mayn Lebn, Chapter 9
In a fanciful vignette, Kwartin describes how one of the best-known cantors of the 19th century predicted his future greatness.
Dispatches from Brooklyn: Shoko Nagai's Tokala: Mythologies and fantasies in the construction of a global music scene
Shoko Nagai’s musical involvement with the culturally intimate space of the synagogue resonates in her fantasies about mythic pasts and their uses in constructing desired futures.
Borrowed Melodies
American Sephardic immigrants created new Ladino lyrics for melodies from sources in Turkish, Yiddish, Hebrew, Greek and Arabic, recreating the multi-lingual atmosphere of their Ottoman homeland.
The Kwartin Project: Mayn Lebn, Chapter 8
A visit from a traveling cantor and choir ignites a world of fantasy in the mind of an artistic small-town boy.
Dispatches from Brooklyn: Noah Schall: Part One
A conversation with elder cantorial pedagogue Noah Schall unfurls a parade of images and ideas about Jewish liturgical music, stemming from a lifetime immersed in the music.
The Kwartin Project: Mayn Lebn, Chapter 7
Zawel Kwartin portrays the musical life of his childhood hometown as having offered a paradigm of Jewish art that shaped his music and later career.
Dispatches from Brooklyn: Heritage, Archives and Spirit Visitation: two old/new artefacts from the musical world of Eléonore Biezunski
With two new-old musical artefacts, musician and archivist Eléonore Biezunski bridges the phenomenon of constructing musical heritage, with its undercurrent of consumerist choice and fantasy fulfilment, to thornier structures of family history and personal experience.
The Kwartin Project: Mayn Lebn, Chapter 6
The story of Zawel Kwartin’s first performance draws surprising connections between anti-Jewish violence, inter-faith cooperation and liturgical music performance.
Dispatches from Brooklyn: Selichos in Borough Park
In the context of prayer leading, a cantor’s vulnerability and the susceptibility of the body to injury can become sources of strength, lending the cantor tools to interpret supplicatory prayer texts.