Center for

Musical Humanities

A Constellation
of Interests

The Center for Musical Humanities is dedicated to advancing the interests of music and the humanities across the whole of UCLA, engaging its faculty, students, and surrounding communities in a series of events that will bring together scholarship, performance, and outreach.

The mission of the center is to foster the study of music within an interdisciplinary context by bringing together scholars and students in a variety of disciplines from around the nation and world to collaborate with scholars and students at UCLA and its associated communities, and to create an effective and vibrant face for the Herb Alpert School of Music by fostering public musical events inspired by its scholarly ventures, featuring faculty and students from across the school.

Conceived along the lines of other centers on campus—that is, dedicated to a constellation of interests shared across disciplines, and serving the needs of faculty, students, and larger community—the Center for Musical Humanities will provide support for a number of different kinds of events, including conferences, concerts informed by scholarship and other arts, or other collaborative ventures that include both scholarly and musical components. The Center is administered and funded by the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music, but works closely with the Division of Humanities and other academic units on Campus; faculty on its Advisory Board are drawn from all three Arts schools, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Apr 11 Tue
The Late Style of Academic Disciplines
How does a discipline like musicology age? What habits of mind over time calcify into dogma and which tools begin to rust from un-use? How many forking paths can a discipline take before it runs out of fuel? What if there simply is nothing left to say and ultimately no one willing to listen? Is
Royce 314
The Indo-Persian Musical Confluence Welcomes Attendees From Across the Globe
The School of Music’s Department of Ethnomusicology held eight virtual panels and performances as part of “The Indo-Persian Musical Confluence” series November 2020 – May 2021. This attracted participants from across the globe, including Europe, Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Canada and numerous regions within the United States.
The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music Announces Fall 2019 Season
Grammy-nominated saxophonist Chris Potter, and jazz vocalist Fay Victor, are just two of the artists who will be part of the music school’s Fall 2019 season.
Daily Bruin – Ethnomusicology Professor Katherine In-Young Lee to Explain Samul Nori in Upcoming Symposia
READ: Katherine In-Young Lee, assistant professor of ethnomusicology, organized the event "Global Musics and Musical Communities," which explored how and why specific musical genres travel outside their countries of origin and lead to the formation of new musical communities.