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The Bachelor of Arts in Composition is specifically interested in welcoming composers who demonstrate extraordinary intellectual curiosity and whose primary goal is to communicate with others on a profoundly human level. The program emphasizes the collaborative relationship between composers and performers in such a way that a simulated professional experience is achieved. The school’s renowned composition faculty expect students to acquire and master basic skills, which involves an intensive study of: music theory (written and oral), counterpoint, orchestration, analysis, technology, performance, the traditional Western canon and its history, in tandem with the study of popular, jazz, rock, folk, and non-Western traditions. Students who successfully complete the B.A. at UCLA are prepared to enter the professional world as practicing artists or to continue with graduate studies at the highest level.

Composition Faculty
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Noah Meites
Ian Krouse
Peter Golub
Hitomi Oba
James Newton
Distinguished Professor
Kay Rhie
Assistant Professor
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