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The Music Industry Minor helps prepare UCLA students for employment in the music industry. It shares coursework with the BA in Music Industry and the BA in Music History and Industry, as well as with the UCLA Herb Alpert School’s departments of Music, Ethnomusicology, and Musicology.

Signature requirements are an introductory course in the fundamentals of music business, and a culminating internship supervised by the Center for Community Engagement. Students then choose 6-7 courses from the expansive music industry curriculum at UCLA, including courses in songwriting and production, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, music supervision, forensic musicology, music and data science, the global music industry, and more. Minors may also elect courses that emphasize social justice and activism, a special focus of the program.

Open to all UCLA undergraduates, the minor fosters communication and interaction between UCLA, the music industry, and the musical life of Los Angeles.

The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music to offer new Music Industry Bachelor of Arts degree beginning in Fall 2023
New program offers dynamic coursework, faculty and internship opportunities that will set students on a swift course for careers in the music business Responding to student demand, a new B.A in Music Industry from The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music will set graduates on track toward careers in artist and label management, publicity, music
Transfer Student Blazes Trails for Others
Antonio Estrada dreamed of going to a big university, big in every way. Raised in Sacramento, Estrada was encouraged by his parents to be the first in his family to graduate from college. After trying out several different pathways in community college, he decided on a career in music and applied to transfer to UCLA.
Judith Finell Talks Copyright Infringement in the New Yorker
From the New Yorker: Many people correctly predicted that the “Blurred Lines” ruling would trigger a wave of frivolous infringement cases. “I can’t tell you how many calls we get after the Grammys,” Judith Finell, who was the Gaye family’s expert musicologist in the “Blurred Lines” case, told me. “Mostly from lawyers wanting to see
Oct 5 Thu
Ric'key Pageot's 'Classic Black'
Join pianist, music director, and Steinway Artist Ric’key Pageot performing and discussing his new educational initiative and documentary project “Classic Black” celebrating Black excellence in Classical music showcasing historically significant symphonic composers of African descent spanning the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Montreal-born pianist, accordionist, producer, composer, music director and Steinway Artist Ric’key Pageot will
Lani Hall
Oct 18 Wed
Nabil Ayers—His Life in the Sunshine: The Intersection of Music, Race, and Family
In 1971, a white, Jewish, former ballerina chose to have a child with the famous Black jazz musician Roy Ayers, fully expecting and agreeing to his absenteeism. Like Roy, Nabil became deeply involved in the music industry, first as a musician, and currently as the President of Beggars Group USA. The title of Nabil’s memoir
Lani Hall
Dec 6 Wed
Protecting Creativity with AI-Generated Musical Compositions - Forensic Musicology in the New Frontier
Round table discussion with Attorney Don Franzen and Musicologist Judith Finell with Leading Inventors of Music Creation Technology.
Lani Hall

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