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The Bachelor of Arts in Ethnomusicology explores the rich variety of musical expressions throughout the world by combining hands-on musical experiences with academic study. Students have the opportunity to take courses that cover the music of virtually every region of the world and of many ethnic groups in the U.S., as well as courses on popular music and film music. The courses combine an interest in music as an art form with questions about how musical art and practice relate to other aspects of culture, society, politics, and economics. Additionally, students take advantage of the department’s one-of-a-kind world musical instrument collection and expert performance faculty to study the performance of musical traditions from around the globe.

Ethnomusicology Faculty
See All Ethnomusicology Faculty
I Nyoman Wenten
Adjunct Assoc. Professor
Katherine Lee
Assistant Professor
Teresia Awe
Abhiman Kaushal
Adjunct Professor
Helen Rees
Anna Morcom
Ivan Varimezov
Adjunct Assoc. Professor
Münir Beken
Associate Professor
Chi Li
Adjunct Professor
Ben Doleac
Maureen Russell
Adjunct Asst. Professor
Amy Catlin- Jairazbhoy
Adjunct Professor
Shannon Garland
Postdoctoral scholar
Francis Awe
Tzvetanka Varimezova
Adjunct Professor
Kenny Burrell
Distinguished Professor
Roger Savage
James Roberson
Adjunct Asst. Professor
Mark Kligman
Chair of Ethnomusicology; Professor
Aaron Bittel
Adjunct Associate Professor
Daniel Szabo
Adjunct Associate Professor
Tara Browner
A. J. Racy
Distinguished Professor
Supeena Adler
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Steven Loza
Chair of Global Jazz Studies; Professor
Jesús Guzmán
Continuing Lecturer
Guest Artists & Scholars Offer Students Unique Insights from the City of Angels

A stream of high-profile artists and scholars from around the world have energized and inspired our students, helping to transform their educational experience. Among them are J.H. Kwabena Nketia, considered Africa’s premier musicologist-ethnomusicologist; Akin Euba, a Nigerian composer, musicologist, and pianist; MacArthur Fellow Steven Feld, an American ethnomusicologist, anthropologist, and linguist, who worked for many years with the Kaluli people of Papua New Guinea; Judith Becker, professor emerita of ethnomusicology, University of Michigan; Mark Slobin, the author or editor of books on Afghanistan and Central Asia, eastern European Jewish music, film music, and ethnomusicology theory; Chano Dominguez, award-winning Spanish-born pianist, composer, bandleader, and educator, and Hossein Omoumi, a scholar and teacher of Persian traditional music, among others.

Steven-Feld Steven-Feld Steven Feld
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Westwood Village Concert Series - Music of the Balkans Ensemble
Join us for a weekly music lunchtime concert series during October in the heart of Westwood Village. Concerts are free and open to the public.
Westwood Village Farmers Market
Oct 25 Thu
Westwood Village Concert Series - Persian & Afro-Cuban Ensembles
Join us for a weekly music lunchtime concert series during October in the heart of Westwood Village. Concerts are free and open to the public. Persian Music Ensemble*: 12:00pm –
Westwood Village Farmers Market
Oct 25 Thu
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Luciana Souza: North and South - How Brazilian Styles Have Influenced My Jazz Writing
Lecture by jazz vocalist and composer Luciana Souza. Using the styles and rhythms of her native Brazil, Luciana will describe her process for writing jazz pieces.
Band Room – Room 1345 – Schoenberg Music Building
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