What is Musicology?

Musicology studies the history, cultural contexts, and interpretation of music, and in recent decades has expanded its coverage to extend beyond European art-music to other traditions and regions. The Department of Musicology at UCLA has long been the recognized leader in the study of popular music, in studying music in relation to power and difference, and approaching traditional repertories and musical practices in innovative ways. The National Research Council ranks UCLA Musicology as the number one program in the country.

Musicology offers undergraduates a Major and a Minor, with courses ranging across European and American music, including specialized courses in EDM, Motown, blues, medievalism, musicals, rock, punk, film music, sound studies, and performance studies, and studying music in relation to politics, gender, and postcolonialism. Musicology is also the home of UCLA’s Early Music Ensemble, serving the larger UCLA community and offering several public concerts each year.

UCLA Musicologist’s New Book Explores the Sublime
Cesar Favila, assistant professor of Musicology, has just published his first book. Immaculate Sounds: The Musical Lives of Nuns in New Spain breaks new ground in its imaginative approach to recovering the lives of women who sang devotional music in Catholic churches. Oxford University Press has published the book in hardback. The UCLA Library has partnered with the
Marylin Winkle Publishes Rare Edition of Eighteenth-Century Cantata
School of Music musicologist Marylin Winkle has just published what promises to be the definitive version of Camilla de Rossi's Fra Dori, e Fileno (c. 1710). Dulcamara Press, a company devoted to producing performance editions of historically underrepresented works, has produced the work with the goal of making it accessible both to student and professional performers.
Stornoway Drops New Album
Dig the Mountain is the new LP by British Indie band Stornoway. Musicologist Thomas Hodgson plays trumpet with the band, which has sold tens of thousands of albums worldwide. The digital download version contains a remix that Hodgson completed at UCLA.
Transfer Student Blazes Trails for Others
Antonio Estrada dreamed of going to a big university, big in every way. Raised in Sacramento, Estrada was encouraged by his parents to be the first in his family to graduate from college. After trying out several different pathways in community college, he decided on a career in music and applied to transfer to UCLA.
Distinguished Musicologist Joins Faculty
Joy H. Calico, a musicologist whose groundbreaking scholarly work on twentieth-century European music has frequently challenged received wisdom, will join The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music.  “I look forward to working with the excellent graduate students in musicology and collaborating with new colleagues in the School of Music and across campus, such as librarians
Doctoral Student Lily Shababi Wins Ingolf Dahl Award
When Lily Shababi began her doctoral training in musicology at UCLA, her research mainly concerned American experimental art music of the late twentieth century. But a fascination with the niche world of hyperpop changed her direction. “Adjusting to living in LA and starting grad school can be difficult,” said Shababi. “And so I immersed myself
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Distinguished Lecture Series with Teresita Lozano
Specters of Survival and Persecution: Ghost Smuggling Ballads, Hauntology, and the Undocumented Migrant Experience Many ghost stories utilize themes of apparitions and haunting to elicit terror, warning listeners to abide by moral codes. However, since 2007, a phenomenon of Mexican corrido (ballad) composition, which I define as ghost smuggling ballads, shares a collective ghost story
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Explore Degrees

Graduate study and training in choral, orchestral, or wind conducting
The study of global musical traditions through performance training, research, and field work
Global Jazz Studies
Jazz performance and musicianship courses are paired with African American Studies
Music Composition
Mentorship in the creation and realization of music for concerts, opera, and visual media
Music Education
Preparation for music educators leading to a B.A. and teaching credential in just four years
Music History & Industry
Combining Musicology and the Music Industry minor for practical hands-on training with the study of music within the context of different societies, cultures, and theories
Music Industry
Industry professionals and UCLA faculty prepare students for music-related careers
The scholarly study of the histories, cultures, and critical interpretations of music and music-making
Music Performance
Study and training towards professional performance careers in Western classical music