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The Musicology minor is designed for students who seek to combine the humanistic study of music with a major concentration in another area. The minor is a sequence of seven academic courses, of which two must be lower division or GE courses in Musicology, two must be upper division courses in Musicology, and three more can be chosen from selected upper division offerings in Ethnomusicology, Music, and Musicology. There is no performance requirement for the Musicology minor.

Trailblazing Composer Anne LeBaron Honored with Concert at UCLA
Internationally-acclaimed composer and harpist Anne LeBaron marks her illustrious tenure at CalArts with a retrospective concert at UCLA’s Lani Hall, on Wednesday, February 7, at 7 PM. The program, encapsulating four decades of pioneering music, will be followed by an enlightening talkback and reception.
UCLA Musicologist’s New Book Explores the Sublime
Cesar Favila, assistant professor of Musicology, has just published his first book. Immaculate Sounds: The Musical Lives of Nuns in New Spain breaks new ground in its imaginative approach to recovering the lives of women who sang devotional music in Catholic churches. Oxford University Press has published the book in hardback. The UCLA Library has partnered with the
Marylin Winkle Publishes Rare Edition of Eighteenth-Century Cantata
School of Music musicologist Marylin Winkle has just published what promises to be the definitive version of Camilla de Rossi's Fra Dori, e Fileno (c. 1710). Dulcamara Press, a company devoted to producing performance editions of historically underrepresented works, has produced the work with the goal of making it accessible both to student and professional performers.
Apr 19 Fri
classical, lectures-symposia, talks
Encounters with Schoenberg and Stein: A Symposium
This year is Arnold Schoenberg’s 150th birthday, and the Arnold Schoenberg Center in Vienna is coordinating and promoting events worldwide to mark the occasion. This half-day symposium is dedicated to new directions in Schoenberg scholarship that will consist of two sessions, divided by a coffee break, and followed by a reception. One session will showcase
Lani Hall
Apr 29 Mon
Distinguished Lecture Series with Teresita Lozano
Specters of Survival and Persecution: Ghost Smuggling Ballads, Hauntology, and the Undocumented Migrant Experience Many ghost stories utilize themes of apparitions and haunting to elicit terror, warning listeners to abide by moral codes. However, since 2007, a phenomenon of Mexican corrido (ballad) composition, which I define as ghost smuggling ballads, shares a collective ghost story
Ostin 110A

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