Ethnomusicology Plus a
Major Concentration

Current UCLA Student interested in the Ethnomusicology Minor?

The Ethnomusicology minor is designed for students who wish to augment their major program with a group of related courses that provide a systematic introduction to the study of world music and performance. The minor is a sequence of two quarters of the same lower-division performance course (ETHNMUS 91A-91Z), along with six academic courses, of which one is a lower-division course in Ethnomusicology (5 or M25); one must be selected from a group of foundational courses in Ethnomusicology, one must be ETHNMUS 101, and three must be upper-division electives in Ethnomusicology. Three upper-division performance courses are also required (selected from 161A-161Z).

Ethnomusicology Faculty

Armen Adamian
Instructor of Armenian Woodwinds; Ph.D. Student in Ethnomusicology
Supeena Adler
World Music Instrument Curator and Conservator; Director, Music of Thailand Ensemble; Adjunct Associate Professor
Münir Beken
Associate Professor
Melissa Bilal
The Promise Chair in Armenian Music, Arts, and Culture; Director of Armenian Music Program
Nick DePinna
Adjunct Assistant Professor--Musicianship
Mark Kligman
Professor of Musicology, Ethnomusicology, and Humanities; Mickey Katz Chair of Jewish Music; Director of Lowell Milken Center for Music of American Jewish Experience
Chi Li
Adjunct Professor
Steven Loza
Director of the UCLA Center for Latino Arts; Professor and Chair of Global Jazz Studies
Mohsen Mohammadi
Director of Indo-Persian Music
Rahul Neuman
Continuing Lecturer
Roger Savage
Professor and Chair of Ethnomusicology
I Nyoman Wenten
Adjunct Assoc. Professor
Khon: Thai Masked Dance and Music
Organized by Supeena Adler, this monumental concert brought together internationally acclaimed Thai musicians and dancers with UCLA students and the greater UCLA community.
Music Alive in the Archive: An Exploration of Kulintang Music in the Danongan Kalanduyan
The Ethnomusicology Archive holds one of the world’s great collections of audio and video recordings documenting kulingang gong music and dance around the world. They are now freely accessible to the public on the California Revealed website. Archivist Maureen Russell documented the celebration of the collection’s launch for Ethnomusicology Review.
Freedom First to Feature Student Composition
On Friday, October 6, Schoenberg Hall will witness a special event. A concert for Keith LaMar will feature legendary jazz musicians Salim Washington and multi-Grammy Award winner Arturo O’Farrill. The concert benefits LaMar, currently on death row in Ohio, having been falsely convicted of murder in the aftermath of the 1993 Lucasville Prison uprising. *
Apr 17 Wed
classical, world-music
Intersections: Armenian Classical Composers
Co-presented by the Hammer Museum at UCLA. Celebrate the intersections of Armenian musical heritage with exquisite performances of works by Armenian classical composers in Western and Ottoman music traditions. The concert will feature an exciting lineup of musicians including Antranig Kzirian, known for his innovative style of oud interpretation, and the UCLA VEM Ensemble under
Hammer Museum
Apr 19 Fri
‘The Living Legacy Project – Akha Oral Tradition School’ Imparting Ancestral Songs, Stories, and Ceremonies to Akha Youth
Welcome to Ban Saen Suk in the mountains of Northern Thailand, where each week twenty-two Akha boys and girls are inspired by six Master Akha Musicians who impart the ancestral songs, instruments, stories, and instrument craftsmanship they learned as children from their families.
Apr 24 Wed
lectures-symposia, world-music
Unearthing Sounds from the Archive: Joseph Lenherr’s Field Recordings of Indigenous Music of Taiwan
By examining the fieldnotes and content of twenty-six audiotape reels, this talk provides an overview of the Joseph Lenherr Collection of Taiwanese music at the UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive.
Room B544, Schoenberg Music Building

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