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The Music Industry Program demystifies the music business by focusing on the history, theory, and practice of music as a professional and connects students to movers and shakers within the vibrant Los Angeles music scene. The program includes a very popular Music Industry Minor, the Center for Music Innovation, which focuses on research and industry trends, and the student-run Music Industry Committee (MIC at UCLA) and its signature Office Hours series. All three components work together to prepare students for careers in the music industry and help them explore its possibilities. Music Industry courses are taught by a mix of UCLA faculty and industry professionals, make use of the school’s professional-grade recording and music creation studios, and include supervised professional internships taking advantage of the university’s Los Angeles location.

Music Industry Faculty

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Gigi Johnson
Director of the Center for Music Innovation
David Leaf
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Robert Fink
Chair of Music Industry Minor; Professor
Future(s) of Music in Los Angeles | Innovating Music Podcast
Gigi Johnson invites listeners of this Innovating Music podcast to join in research, events, and conversations in 2019 on the possible Future(s) of Music in Los Angeles.  She discusses the Center's research so far in looking at tech's impact on live performance.  She mentions work in many other Music Cities to look at how to help their live performance ecosystems.
Beyond the Speakers | Innovating Music Podcast
Gigi Johnson, director of the Center for Music Innovation, interviewed Adam Moseley, a long-time producer/mixer/engineer who is exploring new adventures in spatial audio, mixed reality, and sound technologies. Among the topics he shares is how designing with his synesthesia led to his multi-dimensional "Sonic Field" perspective, beyond the speakers.
New Music Copyright Law brings changes to digital music royalties and copyright privileges
In a conversation with Pacific Standard, UCLA Music Industry Professor Don Franzen broke down what the legislation means for the music industry, and what industry-rattling strategies Spotify might be cooking up.
Madison Beer, Nervo to Be Featured on UCLA MIC’s ‘Office Hours’
"Australian DJ sister-duo NERVO and songstress Madison Beer are slated to be the first guests on this year’s “Office Hours,” a speaker series put on by UCLA’s Music Industry Committee.
Content for Humans About the Content of Humans
IN THE NEW YORK TIMES: "What is the sound of your DNA?” Spotify and teamed up to create a tool to convert DNA sequences into Spotify playlists. Professors Tim Taylor and Gigi Johnson weighed in at the New York Times.
SF Music by The Bay | Innovating Music Podcast
Find all episodes on Apple Podcasts or at this link. We were joined by Maggie Weiland and Dylan Rice from the SF Entertainment Commission to talk about how they work

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