Jessica Schwartz
Associate Professor, Musicology

Jessica A. Schwartz approaches research on musical representations and sonic histories of militarization and imperial violence through community-focused collaborations, movements, and creative dissent. Schwartz is the author of Radiation Sounds: Marshallese Music and Nuclear Silences (Duke University Press, 2021) and articles in American Quarterly, Music & Politics, Women & Musicthe Journal of American Music, Punk & Post-Punk, the Journal of Transnational American Studies, Journal of Interdisciplinary Voice StudiesAmerasia, Shima, Riffs: Experimental Writing on Popular Music, among others, which showcase her work on American studies, Pacific studies, environmental anthropology, and Indigenous studies. As a disability scholar, Schwartz interrogates institutional, intersectional ableism and workshops radical accessibility in and beyond the classroom in courses such as “DIY: Punk Organizing as Social Justice” and “Unsettling Pedagogies: Music & Education.” Schwartz’s hosts the Punkast Series (podcast), is the cofounder/Academic Advisor of the Marshallese Educational Initiative, an Arkansas-based non-profit, and plays in noise/punk bands.

Jessica Schwartz: Professor of Punk
On a sunny Tuesday morning, students shuffling into the Jan Popper Theater were handed a five-question quiz. One of the questions asked students to listen to a short clip of a
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