Lauren Kop
Lecturer - Music Industry (Digital Production and Beat Design)

As a producer, DJ, vocalist, and composer, LA native Lauren Kop has cultivated a vivid musical aesthetic and gained the respected roles of mentor and emerging talent within their community. Blending musical styles and drawing inspiration from 80s, Y2K pop, R&B, and dance influences, Lauren has written, produced, and released multiple EPs and an album under the artist name mini bear. Passionate about community building and helping to create opportunities and representation for folks of marginalized genders as producers, they’ve taught music production at Girl’s Rock camp and IO Music Academy, and they are the Chief Education Officer at FEMME HOUSE, a 501(C)  whose mission is to create opportunities for women and gender-expansive creatives in the technical areas of music.

An avid Ableton Live user and synth maven, they have collaborated with companies such as Moog, Ableton, Apogee, Splice, and BandLab. They were featured in Patch & Tweak with Moog, the ultimate book resource for synth enthusiasts, released sample packs for Splice and BandLab, and created a demo song for the app Ableton Note. With years of experience and dedication to mastery of Ableton Live and music production, their passion for sharing their expertise and empowering producers has led them to teaching workshops and courses that focus on maximizing creative potential through technology.

Thomas Hodgson
Assistant Professor - Musicology and Music Industry (Music and Data, Global Music Industry)
Catherine Provenzano
Assistant Professor - Musicology and Music Industry (Critical and Contemporary Perspectives on Music Technology)
Allison Wolfe
Lecturer - Music Industry (Music Journalism, Audio Storytelling)
Jason Feinberg
Lecturer - Music Industry (Digital Marketing and Promotion)
Chyna Ellis
Assistant to the Chair - Music Industry Program
Don Franzen
Adjunct Professor - Music Industry (Music and Law, Forensic Musicology)
Bobby Borg
Lecturer - Music Industry (Industry Fundamentals)
Jessica Schwartz
Associate Professor - Musicology and Music Industry (Punk and DIY)
Lauren A. Spalding
Lecturer - Music Industry (Music and Activism, Artist Management)
Dawnyelle Addison
Manager - Music Industry Program
Monica Chieffo
Lecturer - Music Industry (Influence and Data Mining)
Lee John
Lecturer in Music Industry (Rock/Pop Ensemble)
Tiffany Naiman
Instructor - Music Industry & Musicology (Critical Perspectives, Capstone Sequence, History of Popular Music), Director of Undergraduate Programs in Music Industry
Justin Paul
Lecturer - Music Industry
Robert Fink
Associate Dean for Academics, Professor - Music Industry, Musicology and Humanities (Music Theory, Analysis of Popular Music, Internships and Industry Partnerships)
David MacFadyen
Professor and Chair of Music Industry, Professor - Musicology and Comparative Literature
Hans Fjellestad
Lecturer - Music Industry (Music Supervision)
Tony Brancato
Guest Lecturer - Music Industry (Influence and Data Mining)
Jeffery Jampol
Lecturer - Music Industry (Artist Management and Promotion)
Mark Tramo
Adjunct Associate Professor - Neuroscience and Music Industry (Music, Mind, and Brain)
Stig Edgren
Lecturer - Music Industry
Judith Finell
Adjunct Professor - Musicology and Music Industry (Forensic Musicology)
Robert Beamer
Lecturer - Music Industry (Finance and Accounting)
Kathryn Frazier
Lecturer - Music Industry
Amy Kathryn Kuney
Lecturer - Music Industry (Songwriting)
Natasha Pasternak
Lecturer - Music Industry (Songwriting, Touring, Songwriter’s Workshop)
David Leaf
Adjunct Assistant Professor - Musicology and Music Industry (Music Documentary, Songwriters)
Dae Bogan
Lecturer - Music Industry (Entrepreneurship)
Adam Moseley
Lecturer - Music Industry (Studio Production)
Jonathan Beard
Lecturer - Music Industry (Electronic Music, Audio Engineering)
Catherine Gregory
Lecturer - Music, Music Industry (Artistic Citizenship and Community Engagement), Director of the Gluck Fellowship Program

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