Satya Fuentes
 Ethnomusicology (Jazz Performance and World Music) ‘17

Music Supervisor and Musician

Satya Fuentes is a Los Angeles-based music supervisor and musician. She currently works for Black and White Music Supervision under Emmy nominated music supervisor Jen Malone, (Euphoria, Atlanta) where some of her current shows include Euphoria, Umbrella Academy and The Resident. She also recently music supervised the Netflix documentary The Claudia Kishi Club. Satya began her career interning under Grammy-nominee Alex Patsavas at Chop Shop Music Supervision, which later led to a role at Universal Music Publishing Group. Most recently, Satya worked in the film music department at Universal Pictures where some of her projects included Us, BlacKKKlansman, and The Grinch. Satya holds a degree in Ethnomusicology from UCLA with a focus on jazz performance and world music. She is also an accomplished pianist and vocalist and continues to perform regularly around the LA area.

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