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The area of Music Performance Studies is where performance and scholarship meet. By integrating practice and theory in performance-centered research, we challenge traditional schisms between practice, musicology, and theory. Music Performance Studies faculty teach courses designed to provide contemporary tools for artistic and critical inquiry all across the twenty-first century musical landscape. The doctoral program (the DMA) requires that students not only perform major recitals but also create an original dissertation at the junction of practice-led research and research-led practice.

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Mentorship in the creation and realization of music for concerts, opera, and visual media
Graduate study and training in choral, orchestral, or wind conducting
The study of global musical traditions through performance training, research, and field work
Global Jazz Studies
Jazz performance and musicianship courses are paired with African American Studies
Music Education
Preparation for music educators leading to a B.A. and teaching credential in just four years
Music Industry
Industry professionals and UCLA faculty prepare students for music-related careers
The scholarly study of the histories, cultures, and critical interpretations of music and music-making
Music Performance
Study and training towards professional performance careers in Western classical music
Music Performance Jazz
A highly selective M.M. program in partnership with the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz