Adam Gilberti
Lecturer--Music Education/Woodwinds

Lecturer–Music Education/Woodwinds

Adam Joseph Gilberti is a composer, conductor, author, educator, multi-instrumentalist and chef working in the Los Angeles area. He has composed over 150 works for concert, film, stage, video games, and television. His research interests include extended instrumentation, psychoacoustics, video game music, Native-American music, early music and ancient music written before the Middle Ages. He won the Corwin Composition Competition in 2003 for his large orchestra work Reflections of Honor and quartertone choral work Four Poems. His musical/opera Beloved Upon A Time featuring interwoven Korean myths was premiered in Royce Hall in 2009. Dr. Gilberti is the co-conductor and co-director of the Game Music Ensemble at UCLA and teaches students in composition, orchestration, music education, performance, music theory, music history and instrumentation. He is an active performer in the Southern California region on percussion, woodwinds, organ, harp, Lakota flute and the ancient Greek kithara. He is a member of the Wessex Consort of Renaissance Winds, a member of the Los Goytx Medieval Capella, and the director of the Santa Monica Jazz Collective and the Kuiper Ensemble. Gilberti is also executive chef of Epic Dining Experience, LLC. Ph.D. (Music Composition) from UCLA, M.A. (Music Theory & Composition) from UC Riverside, B.M. (Music Composition) from UC Santa Barbara. Dr. Gilberti studied with Roger Bourland, Bruce Broughton, Paul Chihara, Joel Feigin, James Horner, Ian Krouse, Tim Labor, David Lefkowitz, Susan McClary, James Newton and William Kraft.

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