Future(s) of Music in Los Angeles | Innovating Music Podcast
Gigi Johnson invites listeners of this Innovating Music podcast to join in research, events, and conversations in 2019 on the possible Future(s) of Music in Los Angeles.  She discusses the Center's research so far in looking at tech's impact on live performance.  She mentions work in many other Music Cities to look at how to help their live performance ecosystems.
Beyond the Speakers | Innovating Music Podcast
Gigi Johnson, director of the Center for Music Innovation, interviewed Adam Moseley, a long-time producer/mixer/engineer who is exploring new adventures in spatial audio, mixed reality, and sound technologies. Among the topics he shares is how designing with his synesthesia led to his multi-dimensional "Sonic Field" perspective, beyond the speakers.
SF Music by The Bay | Innovating Music Podcast
Find all episodes on Apple Podcasts or at this link. We were joined by Maggie Weiland and Dylan Rice from the SF Entertainment Commission to talk about how they work to nurture music in San Francisco.   Gigi had met them at an event hosted by Jocelyn Kane, who created many of the public policy rules
New Songs for Global Singers | Innovating Music Podcast
Jonathan Stone shares the adventures of Rocket Songs, which connects songs with singers from around  the world to discover and perform. He talked about the past century or so of relationships between singers and songwriters, and the challenge of connecting those dots now. Their own work in connecting international singers to music now includes master
Music 3.0 | Innovating Music Podcast
Passion, data, and connections are all blend into parts of this Music 3.0 world, and people are moving between music and tech to make this happen.
Songwriters and Global Streaming | Innovating Music Podcast
Subscribe in Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and other favorite podcast players. At MusicBiz in Nashville in May 2018, Joe Conyers III shared his thoughts and experiences about a wide variety of international and domestic songwriter royalty, rights, markets, and metadata issues.  We spoke of the impacts on streaming growth from cheaper smartphones in international urban markets.  We then
Translating Music Lyrics | Innovating Music Podcast
Enjoy our new “Innovating Music” podcast episode with Robert Singerman, VP, International Publishing at LyricFind. Robert has been on a 14-year quest: to translate music legally between languages and cultures. Lyrics are the #1 search term on the internet and Robert shares the story of LyricFind’s path to creating a legal marketplace in the US
Tech as Trust and Relationship | Innovating Music Podcast
Enjoy our podcast with VEVA Sound‘s EVP Deborah Fairchild at MusicBiz in Nashille in May 2018.  We talked about music tech as both a relationship and trust business, with VEVA Sound’s role as an archive and validation company standing right in the middle of remixes, stems, and volumes of digital content.  We also talked about
Playlists: A Revolution for Artists | Innovating Music Podcast
Subscribe in Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and other favorite podcast players. Andrea Young sees playlisting as a revolution for artists.  She shared a lot of basics of how to engage with both your fans and playlisters to create a thoughtful playlisting strategy for artists at different stages of their careers.  Toolsets are available within different platforms to understand