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Concerts and recitals recording

All students’ curriculum recitals are audio & video recorded. All recordings are made available online for School of Music students.

Recording for portfolio

Recording support for students’ portfolio is available free of charge.


By request, we live stream concerts, student recitals and events viewable on the School of Music website.

Recording studio

State of the art recording studio, available by application, free of charge for all students.

Music Computer Lab

The Music Computer Lab is available for all students. The lab has Apple iMacs with Protools 11, Logic X, Ableton 9, Finale, Sibelius, Max/MSP installed, headphones & digital keyboards.

Classroom technology

All classrooms have an AV cabinet (blue Ray/CD/VCR and turntable), a an apple computer with Microsoft Office Suite and an HD projector.

AV equipment checkout

Students can check out AV equipment, free of charge, including guitar amps, PA systems, audio interfaces, microphones, mic stands, digital recorders, digital video cameras, and audio cables and accessories.