Celebrating 15 Years of Transformation

Thanks to Herb and Lani Alpert, and their generous founding endowment gift of $30 million from the Herb Alpert Foundation, The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music has witnessed an extraordinary transformation, solidifying itself as the home of 21st-century music.

Since 2007, the endowment, combined with its annually generated income, plus additional generous philanthropy has translated into more than $62 million being invested by the Herb Alpert Foundation in the school.

In a world where music is the language that connects us all, The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music stands at the forefront of innovation, creativity, and excellence.

Watch 15 years of transformation:

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Total scholarship amount awarded: Over $10 million

Since 2007, $7 million of support has been raised by the endowment directly for student support. Additional giving has brought the total to more than $10 million, and accounts for more than 43% of all scholarship awarded.

commencement 6/16/23Commencement 6/16/23Photographer credit: Juan Tallo
Transfer Friendly Community

The Herb Alpert Foundation generously funded a Los Angeles Community College Transfer Student Scholarship that brought 22 new transfers to campus. Along with dedicated resources to make transfer credits fully applicable to Herb Alpert School of Music degrees, this has helped inspire a 46% increase in enrolling transfer students since 2019.

Moses Aubrey LACC_NICKLIEPHOTOGRAPHY_02192020-04364 A man stands by a bass instrument
Faculty are the Heart of our School

The School has recruited and retained 24 faculty members between 2008 and 2023. This investment helps us realize our commitment to academic excellence. Our faculty are visionaries, shaping the landscape of music for tomorrow.

Over 300 faculty projects & performances

Our faculty have delivered unforgettable experiences, including concerts and discussions with Cornel West; Darius, Chris, and Dan Brubeck; and the International Contemporary Ensemble director George Lewis. The School of Music believes that scholarship and performance are more powerful when united.

Four Questions at Royce Hall Musicians perform on a stage
Renovations & Technology Investments $10 million

Embracing the digital era, our recording studio now boasts state-of-the-art equipment, while our theaters, including the spectacular Lani Hall, are equipped with pioneering live-streaming capabilities. This is all thanks to $1.8 million in technology upgrades made possible by the endowment. Even more funding has been committed by the Herb Alpert Foundation, providing over $8 million to renovate performance and practice spaces, further enhancing the student experience at The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music.

Lani Hall Lani Hall performance theater
New program established: Global Jazz Studies

Jazz has a rich, global history. Students can now delve into its rich heritage and embrace its timeless beuaty while also recognizing its dynamic evolution, thanks to our new program in Global Jazz Studies.

Contemporary Jazz Ensemble Contemporary Jazz Ensemble
New program established: Music Industry

The newly established Music Industry Program heralds a new era. Combining a faculty of skilled professionals with renowned scholars, the program will train a new generation of leaders and changemakers.

Drop the Needle: Remixing the Music IndustryLani Hall, Sunday, April 30. A student stands on a stage pointing to a screen

Since the initial $30 million endowment gift was made in 2007, the Herb Alpert Foundation has provided more than $12 million in additional gifts to the school.

This, combined with the endowment and its annually generated income, has translated into more than $62 million being invested by the Herb Alpert Foundation in the school.

These meaningful gifts have helped increase scholarship funding, create new degree programs, renovate concert halls and performance spaces, expand the Music Partnership Program, grow the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz Performance at UCLA, and more.

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Herb Alpert Foundation Cultivates Remarkable Growth for the School of Music
Herb Alpert Foundation Cultivates Remarkable Growth for the School of Music
Herb Alpert Foundation Cultivates Remarkable Growth for the School of Music
Thank you to Herb and Lani Alpert and the Herb Alpert Foundation for all that you make possible for our school and our students’ bright futures!