“Creating Space for Lesbian Sound”

Korina Moriarty

Musicology And Capstone Conference 2021

“Creating Space for Lesbian Sound”

This essay demonstrates an approach to queer musicology that decenters white gay men and prioritizes the sonic and spatial experiences of lesbians, who I [loosely/cautiously/adv.] define as non-men who are exclusively attracted to non-men. I begin by dissecting the meaning of the word “lesbian” and contextualizing it within space and time, so that it can be useful for the following discussion of “lesbian sound” as a product of “lesbian geography.” I draw from the work of Kath Browne and Dr. Eduarda Ferreira in theorizing lesbian experience through space, both real and imagined, to analyze some of my own experiences as a young person on the internet forming my queer identity through music.

"Creating Space for Lesbian Sound"

“Girls” – Beatrice Eli


“Only A Girl” – Gia Woods


“A Big Lesbian Playlist”