Music of Bali


Music of Bali

Course Information:
ETHNMUS 91 and 161B

I Nyoman Wenten

The Music of Bali Ensemble features gamelan (the generic Indonesian word for orchestra) music and dance. The Balinese gamelan gong kebyar is famous for its fast tempos, abrupt changes of texture, and brilliantly costumed dancers who act out stories from the Ramayana.

Sounds of Schoenberg: The Venerable Dark Cloud
In 1958, American ethnomusicologist Mantle Hood purchased the Venerable Dark Cloud gamelan, a collection of 83 percussion instruments. Hood bought the ensemble from a Chinese merchant in Solo, Indonesia, for approximately $20,000.
Sounds of Schoenberg: The Balinese gamelan ensemble
In the summer of 2013, Tyler Yamin traveled to the rural Balinese village of Kamasan to learn the music from a goldsmith, I Wayan Sumendra, the only person who knew a traditional piece of music at the time.
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