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May 21 Tue

A Conversation with Susan McClary and Peter Sellars

Suzan McClary and Peter Sellars
Hammer Museum

Musicologist Susan McClary joins Peter Sellars at the Hammer Museum to discuss The Passions of Peter Sellars, McClary's new book that traces the legendary theater director's career through his visually rich opera productions.

Recognized as one of the most innovative and influential directors of our time, Sellars has produced acclaimed—and often controversial—versions of many beloved operas and oratorios. He has also collaborated with several composers, including John C. Adams and Kaija Saariaho, to create challenging new operas. The Passions of Peter Sellars follows the development of his style, beginning with his interpretations of the Mozart-Da Ponte operas, proceeding to works for which he assembled the libretti and even the music, and concluding with his celebrated stagings of Bach’s passions with the Berlin Philharmonic.

As a leading scholar of gender and music, and the history of opera, McClary is ideally positioned to illuminate Sellars’s goal to address both the social tensions embodied in these operas as well as the spiritual dimensions of operatic performance. LEARN MORE

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Jun 24 Thu
Test Kitchen: Decolonize Music Theory through Multi-Sensory Writing with Nina Eidsheim and Juliette Bellocq
What if we listened to music with our tongue, feet, or skin? In this interactive event, we will experiment with multi-sensory experience of music. Engaging with a writing model from PEER Lab graphic designer Julliet Bellocq and founder Nina Eidsheim can help us relate to our senses more fully, and deepen our relationship with music and ourselves.