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May 29 Wed

A Jewish Musical Journey: The Archives of Sinai Temple

Sinai Temple

Sinai Temple, the oldest Conservative synagogue in Los Angeles, has long been a place where musicians have created new liturgical music which has had influence way beyond it's four walls. This multimedia program includes live performances, spoken word and vocal recordings, and shares a number of the musical treasures found through the efforts of UCLA musicology student, Ray Ace, who re-examined and archived musical works which have gone untouched for over 40 years.

Jun 24 Thu
Test Kitchen: Decolonize Music Theory through Multi-Sensory Writing with Nina Eidsheim and Juliette Bellocq
What if we listened to music with our tongue, feet, or skin? In this interactive event, we will experiment with multi-sensory experience of music. Engaging with a writing model from PEER Lab graphic designer Julliet Bellocq and founder Nina Eidsheim can help us relate to our senses more fully, and deepen our relationship with music and ourselves.