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Apr 28 Tue

Basya Schechter featured in Jewish Music Masterclass series

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Basya Schechter is one of the first musicians to bring the sound of 'world music' into Jewish music. During this livestreamed Jewish Music Masterclass program, she highlights shares her music and discusses her creative process behind these works.

Schechter is the lead singer and founder of the band, Pharaoh's Daughter.  Her group’s music features ‘spiritual stylings’ filtered through percussion, flute, strings and electronica, and combines swirling Hasidic chants with Mizrachi and Sephardi folk-rock. She is also one of the creators of Darshan, a music project mixing rap commentary with musical midrash.

Schechter currently serves as cantor at Romemu in Manhattan, Romemu in Brooklyn, and at the Fire Island Synagogue in New York.

Jun 24 Thu
Test Kitchen: Decolonize Music Theory through Multi-Sensory Writing with Nina Eidsheim and Juliette Bellocq
What if we listened to music with our tongue, feet, or skin? In this interactive event, we will experiment with multi-sensory experience of music. Engaging with a writing model from PEER Lab graphic designer Julliet Bellocq and founder Nina Eidsheim can help us relate to our senses more fully, and deepen our relationship with music and ourselves.