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Mar 19 Fri

End of Quarter Showcase

classical, contemporary, jazz, opera, world-music

This concert features performers from all departments at the School of Music, including the UCLA Percussion Ensemble, the Music of China Ensemble, Professor Inna Faliks, Irina Bazik, Kelsey Ma, Valerie Stern, and original works from Kian Ravaei, Robby Good and Shirunyu Li among many others.

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Fantasia in G Minor, Op. 77
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Inna Faliks, piano

Allegro Prestissimo from Sonata for Two Cellos
Jean-Baptiste Barriere
Isabelle Fromme, cello 1
Peter Walsh, cello 2

Prayer of a Miner’s Child
Dock Boggs
UCLA Old-Time String Band Ensemble
David Bragger, banjo
Susan Platz, voice

Francis Poulenc
Valerie Stern, piano

Black Anemones
Águeda Pizzaro
Chloe Vaught, soprano
Nicholas Carlozzi, piano
Kennedy Daniel, dancer
Marion Moseley, director/videographer/editor

Canon from Canon and Gigue in D Major
Johann Pachelbel, arr. Nathan Daughtrey
UCLA Percussion Ensemble Directed by Theresa Dimond
Justin Cole, vibraphone
Robby Good, marimba

Musique de Table
Thierry De May
UCLA Percussion Ensemble Directed by Theresa Dimond
Cash Langi
Daniel La France
Jonathan Schlitt

Sonata No. 5
George Walker
Veola Sun, piano

Shop (from Undertale)
Toby Fox
Taylor Lee, bassoon/keyboard
Joel Bickel, bass

Etude Op. 10, No. 1
Frédéric Chopin
Lukasz Yoder, piano

Prisoners of Hope
Kian Ravaei
Jocelyn Yeh, cello

Two Nocturnes, Op. 46
Leopoldine Blahetka
Irina Bazik, piano


Mu Ge (Pastoral)

arr. Qu Xixian
Music of China Ensemble
   Brian Lifu Cao
Ai Deng
Dong Han
Yunduo Qian
Sarah Teng

Qing Bei Yue (Pour Cup Music)
Dunhuang Music and Dance, arr. Yang Qing
Music of China Ensemble
   Shitong Li
Mei Zhou Blundell
Brian Lifu Cao
Yi-Jui Chang
Yingying Hong
Karen Zhu
Yushan Wang, dancer
Yumeng Sun, dancer
Chi Li, choreographer

Sofia Gubaidulina
Kelsey Ma, piano

Nature Boy
Eden Ahbez
UCLA Global Jazz Studies Quintet
Haley Benedict, flute
Dalton Mumphrey, tenor sax
Cole McQuinn, piano
Joel Bickel, bass
Javon DeGodwin, drums

Through the Looking Glass
Steven Snowden
Alec Norkey, violin
Mio Fujimoto, marimba

Suite No. 2 for Two Pianos
I. Alla marcia
Sergei Rachmaninoff
Sean Tang-Wang, piano
Brandon Zhou, piano

Two Pieces for String Quartet
Shirunyu Li
Carpe Diem String Quartet

Fantasy Piece
   Ronald Caravan
Alex Lee, soprano sax

Nobles seigneurs, salut! from Les Huguenots
Giacomo Meyerbeer
Tivoli Treloar, mezzo-soprano

The Other Half of the Apple
Robby Good
Original animation by Huamin Tina Wen

Watch the performance here on this date:

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