Music 2030 at Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal

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Web Summit Nov 2019

Dr. Gigi Johnson, Executive Director at UCLA Alpert’s Center for Music Innovation, joined a panel on possible futures of music at Web Summit’s MusicNotes sessions November 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal.  This panel on Music 2030 was moderated by The Guardian’s Eamonn Forde from The Guardian/Music Ally and also included Roland Lamb from ROLI and Pieter Van Rijn from FUGA.

Please enjoy the video of the session below, with “limited time to talk about infinite time.”  This panel as a state of the nation discussion on where music is – and where it is going. What has been the impact of streaming services, digital publishing, AI and machine learning so far, and where will it take the music industry in the future?

Music 2030 What the future holds from Web Summit on Vimeo.

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