Lecture Series


Each year, the graduate students in the Department of Musicology invite a number of outstanding scholars from the United States and abroad to participate in the Distinguished Lectures Series. The content of the lectures and symposia reflect the interests of the students and faculty, and have embraced diverse subjects pertaining to the study of music. Recent topics have included Dancehall Moves: A mini-symposium on Jamaican Popular Music and Dance; A Conversation on Ecomusicology; The Liturgical and Political Context of Du Fay’s Mass Music in the 1440s; Composing “Normal”: Uncool Labor and the Politics of Whiteness in Attali, Spandau Ballet, and Taylor Swift; A Million Years of Music:  The Emergence of Human Modernity, and Compositional Process: A Reappraisal. Recent guests have included Vijay Iyer, Robin James, Gary Tomlinson, and Anna Maria Busse Berger.

UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music announces Winter–Spring 2018 Distinguished Lecture Series
The speakers in the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music Department of Musicology’s Winter–Spring 2018 Distinguished Lecture Series will be examining topics including intersectionality, the early television work of American comedian Ernie Kovacs, magical and occult styles of thought, and also convening a mini-symposium on Jamaican popular music and dance. Featured speakers in the seventh