Billboard Breaks the News about New Music Industry Program at UCLA
Billboard Magazine took note of the new Music Industry BA at The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music. According to Robert Fink, founding chair of the program, students will be “challenged to take a critical view of the formative effects music industry and technology has had on musical practices around the world” The new program
Leonard Bernstein at 100: Four UCLA Professors Reflect on an American Music Icon
World-wide celebrations are underway honoring American composer, conductor and educator Leonard Bernstein, who would have been 100 on August 25, 2018. Opera UCLA joins the global celebration with an evening dedicated to Bernstein’s theater music plus his late masterpiece SONGFEST, on Nov. 17.
UCLA music school admin to speak on Orwellian power of streaming industry
Gigi Johnson, the director of the UCLA Center for Music Innovation, presented her research on playlists and streaming providers during the Mallen Conference in Potsdam, Germany, from Wednesday to Saturday.
Robert Fink on Inequality in Music
“I can’t think of a single hip-hop song about people getting subprime mortgages or that kind of thing,” Fink says.