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Enjoy our podcast with VEVA Sound‘s EVP Deborah Fairchild at MusicBiz in Nashille in May 2018.  We talked about music tech as both a relationship and trust business, with VEVA Sound’s role as an archive and validation company standing right in the middle of remixes, stems, and volumes of digital content.  We also talked about how metadata needs a sexier name. Deborah, both as an engineer and company executive, shared her joy at being in the middle of trusted relationships in a changing business.


Guest:  Deborah Fairchild, EVP, VEVA Sound

Deborah has been with VEVA Sound for 17 years and now resides in Nashville near their headquarters. She oversees client management in the New York, Los Angeles, London and Nashville offices. VEVA Sound (formerly BMS/Chace LLC) was founded in 2002 in Nashville.Through partnerships with The Recording Academy, The Library of Congress, DDEX, NDSA and NDIIP, they are actively at the forefront creating technologies that allow clients to identify and properly credit their music collections, whether they be legacy recordings stored on analog or digital tape or current born digital projects. A graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a B.S. in Recording Industry Production Technology, Deborah also is a talented recording engineer and post-production engineer.

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